60 needing “another” Space Force—was this a slip of the tongue or a carefully crafted faux pas to get people ready for the rollout of a Space Force that, in fact, already exists? • Inside the Pentagon, disagreements deep- en over how to create a Space Force • Creation of US Space Force and intro- duction of new anti-Russia sanctions are interrelated Story #18: Satellite Security One of the news items for this story is about Lockheed Martin’s Air Force satellite contract. Given the size of Lockheed’s government con- tracts—50% greater than its nearest competi- tor—and the fact that Lockheed was in charge of all the payment systems at HUD and DOD when the $21 trillion went missing, you have to ask, “Does Lockheed Martin run the govern- ment?” • Lockheed Martin wins $7.2B Air Force satellite contract • Hacked satellite systems could launch microwave-like attacks, expert warns • The US is “alarmed” over mysterious Russian satellite’s behavior FOOD & HEALTH Story #19: What’s Up with Blood? Between stories about Silicon Valley collect- ing and selling young people’s blood, to reports of blood trafficking, to Mel Gibson saying that Hollywood feasts on the blood of children, something seems to be up with blood. When you connect the dots with other phenomena like pedophile networks, organ harvesting, abortion, sex slavery rings, and powerful people who never seem to age, it creates a pretty unsa- vory picture of a satanic technocracy at work. From an economic standpoint, we’re watching people being turned into natural resources to be harvested, even down to the level of harvesting their energy. The story of Theranos tells us that the national security establishment is also inter- ested in blood. • This blood-sucking startup is coming for you, millennials • Startups flock to turn young blood into an elixir of youth • Joe Rogan – Are rich people injecting “young blood” to live longer? | Like vampires! • Mel Gibson: Hollywood is “den of para- sites” who “feast on blood of kids” • Embattled blood-testing firm Theranos to dissolve: WSJ Story #20: Glyphosate Gets Outed and Monsanto (Now Bayer) Loses Big Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of 2018’s big heroes. And it looks like Bayer got stuck with a “pig in a poke.” Was Bayer so focused on own- ing the seed and food system that it didn’t pay attention to Monsanto losing control of the nar- rative? Monsanto’s fall from grace provides an instructive example of what can happen when the public gets angry. Watch other corporations use smoke and mirrors to persuade people that they are socially responsible so that the Monsan- to thing doesn’t happen to them. • Monsanto’s loss is our gain—Let’s make the most of it • U.S. gov’t loses landmark vaccine lawsuit: The HighWire with Del Bigtree and Rob- ert F. Kennedy, Jr. • U.S. District Court Judge signs order granting Plaintiff, Informed Consent Action Network and Counsel, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the relief sought in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) IV. News Trends & Stories