30 explores the creation of underground cities as a solution for cities that have no space to expand on the surface. Cities featured include Moscow, where many underground malls and subway networks are already in existence, Amsterdam, which is planning to dig exten- sively under its canals, and Chicago, which is planning an ambitious project of a second city to be built many floors underground. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ QSb-NsQLH6w Megacities: Mexico City (2017) Mexico City has learned from the devastating earthquake of 1985, when a large part of the city was destroyed and thousands of people died. The metropolitan area of 21 million in- habitants now has an early warning system and metro rails that are designed to float above the shaking ground. The city’s earthquake protec- tion can serve as a model for other megacities in similar danger zones. https://www.youtube.com/embed/7fuR0Ds- bY_U Waterfront Cities of the World: Tokyo (2017) Shows life in contemporary Tokyo, a city that urbanized away from western culture. This has many modern-day repercussions, while overcrowding, lack of land, and industrial development bring new problems that have to be resolved daily. It’s an agglomeration of 35 million people living in close proximity in a maze of smaller neighborhoods and connected by a vast subway network. Tokyo inhabitants come up with ingenious ways to cope with lack of space (hotel cubicles to sleep, one-seat restaurant rows, tiny alley bars) and efficiency designs to maximize city space like subterra- nean bike and car parking machines. https://www.youtube.com/embed/sc1vk9_ qgls Megacities: London (2017) National Geographic documentary on Lon- don’s mega-traffic in the air that is managed as an amazing 3D puzzle by air traffic controllers who have only seconds to avert collisions. Lon- don’s traffic flow on the roads is managed by monitoring via countless cameras, thousands of sensors and prediction systems, and congestion zoning—a sophisticated system that literally keeps the city going. https://www.youtube.com/embed/73Mt- 8F9mAZM Ghost City: Inside the Chinese Housing Bubble (2016) A homemade reportage told by two expats (English and American) who live in the Shenzhen area and who are exploring how the “Great Chinese Housing Bubble” looks on the ground. A good, ear-to-the-ground report about real estate corruption and daily life in modern Chinese society. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ BcyYyyaPz84 “The Daily Conversation” Documentaries Featured at a YouTube mini-channel called “The Daily Conversation,” these “mini-docu- mentaries” present the world’s megacities and major construction projects, providing some information on each city’s problems and its solutions. A great resource for anyone interest- ed in megacities and mega-engineering proj- ects. China’s Future Megaprojects (2016) An overview of China’s most ambitious project of creating a super-city of “Jing Jin Ji” in the tri-province region around Beijing. This re- quires new airports, diverting large amounts of river water supply, and adding high-speed rail lines—all of which is already well underway. Another building megaproject is an undersea tunnel in Dalian, which is not only one of the longest tunnels but also a daring route through a high-earthquake zone. Other big construc- tions include wind farms and nuclear plants II. Megacities & the Growth of Global Real Estate Companies