51 Trends We Track E very day, we post links to stories in our News Trends & Stories section. Analyzing this flow provides intelligence about the deeper news. Here are the trends we are tracking for the 3rd Quarter 2018. ECONOMY AND FINANCIAL MARKETS I. Global 2.0: From Slow Burn to AI Invasion A. Controlled Demolitions Accelerate • Pension Funds • Entitlements • Bankruptcies • Piratization and Weather Warfare • Shrinking Retail B. Currency Wars • War on Cash • Cryptocurrency • Precious Metals • China, Russia, and the Build-out of Global Liquidity • German Minister Proposes New SWIFT System C. The Debt Growth Model Is Dying • Bonds and Interest Rates • Equity Public and Private • Commodities • U.S. Dollar • U.S. Budget: Hot and Missing Money • Transition from Quantitative Easing • Inflation and Deflation • Land and Real Estate Ownership • State and Local Finances • U.S. Bear Trap in Emerging Markets • U.S. Interest Payments Accelerating D. Financial Control E. Tax Wars and Offshore Havens F. Impact of Environmental Risks and Debasement II. Global 3.0 Rising A. Amazoned B. Robotics, Drones, and Automation C. Explosion in Material Science D. Surveillance Capitalism E. Reshoring to North America F. Global Purges III. How Will Investors Handle the Transition? A. Growth of ESG Screening IV. Inside the Pressure Cooker: Will We Expand or Shrink the Pie? A. Return on Investment to Taxpayers: Positive or More Negative? B. Response to Missing Money: DOD Audit, FASB Policy C. Piratization: Could the Rape of Russia Hap- pen Here? A Domestic Phoenix Program + AI Invasion? D. Weather Warfare, Fires, and False Flags E. Equity Creation: Greater than Controlled Demolitions? GEOPOLITICS I. Governance and Sovereignty A. Enforce the Constitution B. State and Local Officials Take Action C. Con-Con Con and Efforts to Shred the Constitution D. Decentralization: Can We Relocalize? E. Sovereignty II. The AI Invasion A. Growth of AI B. Net Neutrality C. 5G D. Piratization E. AI and the Sheriff of Nottingham F. Weapons of Math Destruction G. 325 Million Targeted Individuals Divided into Two Groups H. Free Speech and Corporate Media Meltdown III. The Trump Administration: The Second Year A. Budget and Missing Money; Debt Acceleration “Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be more tolerant, like a horse flicking away flies in the summer.”—Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis