53 PART I: TOP TEN STORIES CAF Note: This is a listing of stories that support my discussion with Dr. Joseph Farrell for News Trends & Stories Part I. Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: economy & financial markets and geopolitics. ECONOMY & FINANCIAL MARKETS The economy and financial markets both re- flect a period of rapid change. Here are our picks for the top stories in the economy and financial markets in the 3rd Quarter 2018. Story #1: AI Superpowers: China vs. USA vs. the Rest of the Planet in AI and Tech Deep learning AI is here, and it is rocking our world. Geopolitically and culturally, the AI race is between China and the United States— with Japan and India positioning themselves to also become players. What happens when AI takes over to such an extent that entrepreneurs can’t even understand their own operations? Are there are any safeguards to ensure integrity of the data going into AI systems, or are we look- ing at “garbage in, garbage out”? Is the influence of AI the reason that policy-making is looking ever more insane and inhuman? • China is the greatest, growing threat to America • Video: JRE #1169 – Elon Musk interviewed by Joe Rogan • China is building a fleet of autonomous AI-powered submarines. Here are the details • Will you worship the AI god? • “The beginning of a wave”: A.I. tiptoes into the workplace • Former Google CEO predicts the Internet will split in two by 2028— and one part will be led by China • How artificial intelligence will reshape the global order • IRS wants cloud-based AI to sniff out insider threats Story #2: Growth of U.S. Dollar Alternatives The era of U.S. dominance over digital payment and clearing systems (and the satellites that those systems run on) is likely coming to an end. The Iran sanctions offered a “crisis of opportunity,” allowing Western Europe to come out into the open about its desire for an inde- pendent financial clearing system. While the U.S. continues to rely on its traditional military power playbook, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan made it clear that they are moving for- ward to bypass the U.S. and build more versatile financial ecosystems of their own. • EU set to challenge private payment systems • Europe is working on alternative to SWIFT for “financial independence” from the US • Germany calls for global payment system independent of the US • Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions – the final demise of the dollar hegemony? • In troubling sign for the US, reserve managers plow into Chinese yuan, dump dollars • How China’s mobile ecosystems are making banks obsolete