52 B. Federal Reserve and Financial System C. Health Care D. Military Modernization/Defense E. The Swamp Drama F. Justice G. Regulation H. Tax I. Trade and Tariffs J. The Neocon Problem K. 2018 Elections IV. The Shift to a Multipolar World A. The Big Picture • Eurasia • Australia • Africa • Naval Incidents in Asia: Covert War, Currency War, or Navigation Failure? • Americas • Vatican B. Global Powwows C. The NeoCon Problem D. The Rise of the Asian Consumer V. The Deep State and National Security Public-Private Control VI. Migration and Immigration CULTURE I. Mind Control and Sovereignty II. Morphogenic Fields and Change III. Embracing Complexity and Uncertainty IV. Artists, Scholars, and Others Leading Cultural Revival V. Risk Issues A. Divide and Conquer B. Transhumanism C. The Asian Invasion SCIENCE, SPACE, AND TECHNOLOGY I. AI and Quantum Computing II. Cybersecurity A. Blockchain B. Internet of Things C. Net Neutrality D. Data Laws and Regulation • GDPR • Vermont III. Health Freedom A. Food and Water B. Vaccines C. 5G and EMF Radiation D. Sunshine and Oxygen IV. Robots and Robotics V. Biotech and Superhumans VI. Environmental Applications VII. Advanced and Invisible Weaponry • Disaster Capitalism VIII. CERN and Particle Accelerators IX. Space A. Space-Based Economy B. China, Russia, and U.S. Space Deals C. Creation of Space Corps in U.S. Air Force D. Impact of Increased U.S. Appropriations E. Asian Space Race X. The Future of Energy A. Drop in Renewable Prices GO LOCAL I. Take Action, Begin Anywhere, Change Yourself UNANSWERED QUESTIONS I. The Governance Mystery II. 9/11 and False Flags III. Antarctica IV. Interdimensionality and Time Travel V. The Doubling of the Knowledge Curve INSPIRATION IV. News Trends & Stories