57 • House passes bill to codify key DHS cybersecurity program • Dulles airport surprises passengers with facial-recognition boarding • DOD says bids for $10B JEDI deal must be hand-delivered ​ Story #10: Anglo-American Powershifts With the financial coup d’état over, we have an invisible management at the top that is more powerful than ever. We’re witnessing a turnover in leadership, with the Trump Administration representing one faction (along with the resur- gent neocons), but the situation is volatile. Don’t get lured into the notion that purges will help— purges are likely to just be a tactic to drain the swamp of obsolete leadership. The Kavanaugh hearings reminded us of the importance of be- lieving in the law, as we watched governance by smear, along with the violation of due process. Remember that there is power in the law; we should not let go of that. • U.S. President Trump facing a “coup”: Bannon • The Fed will not give up “dark money” • White-collar criminals got off scot-free after the 2008 financial crisis — and that helped fuel President Trump’s rise • Top student loan ripoff investigator quits CFPB; says bureau suppressed report about unfair account fees • Are U.S. companies too big and powerful? The Fed wants to know • The financial crisis cost every American $70,000, Fed study says • CEO compensation surged in 2017 • A brazen corporate miscreant • The neoconservative comeback • Republican party favorability highest in seven years • Peter Schweizer: Security clearance “affects” Brennan’s and Clapper’s “bottom line in a big way” As Theresa May continued to work out a Brexit deal, one has to wonder: Is Brexit a post-financial coup d’état “cut-and-run”? There were trillions in the Commonwealth’s offshore havens right around the time that the Queen subtly floated the idea of leaving the EU. • Brexit: Chequers plan still credible, says minister • Brexit: EU leaders “almost unanimous” in support for second UK referendum – latest news • Germany and U.K. drop key Brexit ask, easing path to deal In the middle of the Silk Road, Iran contin- ues to be a hot spot. • Trump rejects globalism in UN speech, slams Iran, emphasizes “American first” • Trump’s Iran threats dial up drama for UN gathering of leaders • US chose “neocolonial course” in Syria to gain control over its resources – Russian envoy to UN Rollovers in leadership are happening elsewhere, too, with Malcolm Turnbull out in Australia. • Scott Morrison is new Australian PM as Malcolm Turnbull ousted The collapse of a privatized bridge in Italy raised questions about the wisdom of letting private corporations take care of infrastructure. • Italy’s Atlantia plunges most on record after Genoa bridge disaster • Downsizing the Federal Government: Your Guide to Cutting Federal Spending: Privatization – 2016 • Mattis rebuffs idea of privatizing forces in Afghanistan • Afghan “viceroy”? Trump mulling Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s plan to privatize longest war Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Malcolm Turnbull, Former Prime Minister of Australia