55 • London loses top spot to New York in financial survey due to Brexit • As the wealthy flock to the major cities on both coasts, poverty and suicide soar in rural areas • Mapping the most profitable industry in each U.S. state • Thanks to Texas, US set to become world’s largest oil producer by fall • U.S. will not tap oil reserve as Iran sanc- tions loom-Perry • President signs bill expanding review of foreign investment • How the Trump tax law passed: The final stretch • Doubts shadow GOP push for tax cuts 2.0 Meanwhile, despite trade wars and higher interest rates, “the most hated bull market in history” continued, helped by an estimated $1 trillion in stock buybacks. • Gundlach: U.S. economy and stocks could be “burnt out” • BIS warns of “perfect storm” for global economy • Central banks have gone rogue, putting us all at risk • 3,453 days later, the US bull market be- comes the longest on record • S&P 500, Nasdaq jump to record highs as US and Mexico strike trade deal • World stocks have underperformed the US by the most since the financial crisis • For the first time in 10 years, companies have spent more on buybacks than CapEx • The US is doing everything to make the Russian elite return money to their moth- erland, by Ruslan Ostashko In the 3rd Quarter, there was a serious battle about who controls the media and the spin at home, underscoring the importance of free speech. • No credibility to Trump’s China-hacking tweets: China Daily editorial • Must watch interview – Iraq war whistle- blower banned from Twitter tells his story • Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones, website Infowars • Wikileaks on Twitter: AI culture wars: Israeli government…monitors “all posts” for “anti-semitism” GEOPOLITICS Story #6: FASB Announcement Shifts the U.S. Budget into Never Never Land Out-of-control secrecy won a darkly comic victory in the 3rd Quarter with the Federal Accounting Standards Board’s de facto admis- sion that it is not going to comply with financial management laws or the U.S. Constitution. U.S. government accounts are now completely meaningless—a small group of unnamed people can turn an unknown amount of money secret and keep it that way. Think creatively about how you are going to take care of yourself because this off-balance-sheet system with no account- ability or integrity is not going to be there for you. Along with the Director of National In- telligence powers to waive SEC disclosure rules for corporations for reasons of national security, there is real concern that both Treasury and stock markets are going dark. • Financial accounts may be “modified” to shield classified programs • Classified activities: Statement of Fed- eral Financial Accounting Standards 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, Sponsor Review version) • 10 extremes mean risk in financial “never never land” • Catherine Austin Fitts – We’ve reached “never never land” accounting • Dr. Mark Skidmore: The hidden $21 trillion the government “lost” (podcast)