58 PART II: TOP TEN STORIES Part II includes our stories for culture, sci- ence & technology, space, and food & health. CULTURE Story #11: The Growth of Beauty Cultural debasement may seem to be everywhere—but so is beauty. Judging by the crowds filling museums, concerts, castles, and cathedrals in Europe, people seem to realize how essential beauty is. Ignore the people at the top who are financing incoherence, because the market is going for beauty. • Top 10: Most visited museums in the world • More people are visiting New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art than ever before • Top galleries take a chance on Taipei Dangdai Story #12: Mind Control Concerns Go Mainstream After years of being a fringe topic, it’s sud- denly socially acceptable to talk about mind control. We can thank Truthstream Media for their remarkable videos that make mind control more understandable, and Dr. Farrell’s magnif- icent book looking at “soft” forms of mind ma- nipulation in the arts and music as well as the power (for good and ill) of human intention- ality. Why not choose beautiful art that reinte- grates rather than ugly art that is dissociative? • Truthstream Media: ”The Minds of Men” • Guest post: The two worlds of data infrastructure • SECRET SCORES: Apple gives you a TRUST rating – and it’s based on your phone call and email habits • Bookmark this: Over 400 links Google doesn’t want you to visit • Censored film reveals The Israel Project’s secret Facebook campaign • US Patent 6506148 B2 confirms human nervous system manipulation through your computer & TV Story #13: The Real Deal on Gender X Introducing robotics requires legal, financial, and accounting systems to manage robots. The clever alternative to developing new systems from scratch is to figure out how to fold robots into the human payroll and taxation systems. And voilà, we now have gender X as an op- tion on birth certificates so that robots can be citizens and taxpayers—no interruption of cash flows required. If this seems far-fetched, remem- ber that corporations became people, too. This is all being sold as “rights.” We think it is about “replacement.” IV. News Trends & Stories New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art