56 Story #7: Deterioration of the Bretton Woods System; Rise of the Land Empire Europe and Russia gave signals that Bretton Woods and NATO are unraveling, with Macron’s extraordinary statement that Europe can no longer rely on the U.S. for military defense offering one example. At the same time, with the build-out of independent financial sys- tems and the opening up of new railroad lines and sea lanes, Europe, Russia, and Asia continue to forge economic relationships for more stable and meaningful exchanges. • Europe can no longer rely on US for security, says Emmanuel Macron • Russian Deputy FM: US base in Poland will dismantle NATO-Russia founding act • Deutsche Bank shares dip after report that China’s HNA plans to sell its stake • Greece exits bailout, but “public debt tragedy” persists • Italy gives ECB an ultimatum: “Guarantee” bond spreads or “euro will be dismantled” • China’s empire of money is reshaping global trade • Melting Arctic ice opens new route from Europe to east Asia • Back in the (great) game: The revenge of Eurasian land powers ​ Story #8: Global Thermal and Weather Warfare The thermal warfare that we are seeing in areas like California, Greece, and British Columbia and the escalation of weather warfare and disaster capitalism are telling us something important: Understand the world you live in, be prepared for disasters, and appreciate that very powerful people are in a hurry—there is no time for polite conversations about property rights or the Constitution. • Why is planet Earth on fire? • A world on fire • Clifford Carnicom presents at 3rd Annual Stop Geoengineering Summit 2018 • Wildfires have charred more than 1 million acres in California this year – and fire season is far from over • Death toll from summer forest fire near Athens rises to 99 • Research determines reasons for massive fires in south-central Chile • British Columbia declares state of emergency as over 500 wildfires burn • Canadian firefighters battle fire tornado for control of their hose Story #9: The War for the Internet The concept of net neutrality is clearly on the ropes. Some states are pushing back, but their reach is limited. We even saw a Supreme Court nominee describe net neutrality as a vio- lation of the Constitution! With the help of AI, this makes the Internet an even more powerful mechanism for manipulation and dirty tricks— including as a tool for creating shadow work and hassles at a very granular level for those who are not helping the Deep State. If you think the shadow work is bad now, just wait until after the 2020 elections. • California’s net neutrality law sparks Justice Department lawsuit • Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be a disaster for net neutrality • California Assembly passes historic net neutrality bill SB 822 with overwhelming bipartisan support • Firefighters and first responders call on Congress to restore net neutrality following Verizon throttling • How your constitutional right to privacy just became a “privilege” in the eyes of courts • 2017: CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans • Guest post: The two worlds of data infrastructure IV. News Trends & Stories Emmanuel Macron, President of France