24 that are used to manage human labor—can be adapted to integrate robots, the process becomes much easier and simpler. One of the reasons this is a practical solu- tion for the leadership of a highly centralized corporate system is because the integration of digital technology into humans and the inte- gration of AI into robots is going to create a continuum of human to cyborg to robot. For some period of time, expect open-ended pro- totyping to determine the optimal combina- tion for various labor functions. This creates the need for one integrated system—one that will allow for experimentation with different combinations of living and digital. Imagine a large city where you have lots of workers who are renters—cut off from family and financially dependent on centrally con- trolled employment, with few reserves. You further lay the groundwork with a culture of hypermaterialism. You get them cut off from nature and indoctrinate them with a steady diet of mind control. What you have is a pop- ulation that is going to be susceptible to being used to prototype thousands of transhumanist applications and combinations. If you haven’t watched the movie, The Kingsman, I would recommend it. A billion- aire decides to hand out free SIM cards that permit him to mind control anyone carrying a smartphone that is using his SIM cards. This includes triggering homicidal behavior and mass killing. Megacities will have environments condu- cive to such crowd control and manipulation technologies. Don’t believe me? Here is the video of the Chuck E. Cheese brawls in Mi- ami that I regularly encourage subscribers to watch. During the same year, we had reports of many instances such as this one in other Chuck E. Cheese establishments around the country as well as in malls. https://www.youtube.com/embed/dJoD- t8wf8e4 One of my greatest concerns in any densely populated area is that this technology and other very powerful mind control tech- nologies may be applied much more fre- quently and broadly—particularly once 5G is launched. This includes using techniques such as holograms to engineer fake news and false flag attacks. You need to know that this type of tech- nology exists, and that it is being used and applied. Of course, it can be used and applied everywhere, but there is a greater chance that it will be tested and applied in dense urban areas. If you live in a megacity or a large urban area, you’ll want to keep an eye on whether transhumanism is catching on. I think you don’t want to be around it. In Closing There is a lot about the explosive growth of urbanization that I find ominous. Howev- er, I never cease to be amazed at the human innovation that can turn things in a positive direction. I believe Mr. Global counts on that dynamic when he or she implements these gut-churning movements of people and resources. I would like to close with a quote I was reminded of while researching megacities that I posted on The Solari Report during the financial bailouts. It’s a quote from TV producer Chuck Lorre, who describes the major impetus behind what keeps the slow burn going: II. Megacities & the Growth of Global Real Estate Companies