Book Review: Under an Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland

“There is a world that most of us know of and that we are comfortable with. There is another world that we should know of but do not, and that should, by all rights, make us uncomfortable. We are responsible to learn of its existence, as it surrounds and affects our every move regardless of the level of bliss or ignorance that we adopt to ease our discomfort.” ~ Clifford E. Carnicom, Foreword, Under an Ionized Sky

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Elana Freeland’s new book Under and Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown is a must read. Indeed, I have added it to our list of Best Books for 2018 in the 2017 Annual Wrap Up.

In Under an Ionized Sky, Freeland connects the dots between the satellite infrastructure of the national-security state, the cell towers and networks of the telecommunications companies, HAARP, and the engineering of nanoparticles sprayed in chemical cocktails above our heads. What does this have to do with weather and natural disaster warfare? What does this have to do with mind control? What does this have to do with the EMF radiation that is making so many people sick?

The answer is a lot. The national security state and its corporate and banking benefactors have no limits on their application of technology to create a complete environment of global control. This represents the greatest biological experiment in the history of mankind, not to mention the end of human rights and the law. This is the totalitarian state implemented invisibly down to the most intimate level.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about what is happening is that you and I are financing it – our pension funds and retirement savings are full of the bonds and stocks of the governments, defense contractors, and banks building, what Freeland calls, “the space fence.” It is time to ask why our pension funds continue to buy US treasury securities when the US government refuses to obey the laws related to financial management and disclosure? Typically, when you buy a Treasury bond, you expect the government to own the assets financed with your money. However, with $21 trillion missing from DOD and HUD accounts , increasingly it looks like that money is headed out the back door into the pockets of corporate contractors who can keep things such as the space fence and weather warfare secret.

No wonder the powers that be are willing to shoot up schools to persuade the general population to accept gun control. They are afraid that when people understand what is happening they will stop paying their taxes and buying Treasury securities. When that day happens, the national security state needs the power to control our money and investments instead. That is hard to do when the population is well armed. No doubt, they are also afraid of what will happen if the space fence network unleashes Kingsman-like mind control technology. The solution to that is not gun control – it is to return the telecommunications system to a communications network that operates free of mind control, entrainment, and subliminal programming.

These solutions first require that we face what is really happening. Freeland has done us a great service by putting forward her best assessment of what is happening and inviting the rest of us to start adding jig saw pieces to the military, intelligence, and scientific puzzle of the space fence.

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