Academy For Future Science – Workshops/Study
October 13-14, 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Seminar: The Ancient Book of Enoch (Ethiopic Enoch)
With Ulli Granögger
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

The Keys of Enoch are related to the ancient tradition of Enochian writings among which the Ethiopic Book of Enoch (or 1 Henoch) is the most profound and most significant text still extant to us. Enoch provided one of the first calendar systems in the world and gives insight into archaeological realities before the Flood. Ethiopian Christianity has preserved this profound scripture in its entirety and we realise the message of Enoch on angelology and the reality of other intelligences and higher realms is vital for our day and age. We are beginning to understand the importance of the cosmology and astronomy of Enoch’s teachings as Master Teachings for numerous generations of humanity. In this workshop we will read and discuss large parts of the historical book of Enoch and learn to interpret the ancient writings in the new light of THE KEYS. This seminar is for students who have learned to focus on scriptural language intertwined with science, but will also provide newcomers or those familiar with the traditional Enochian writings a welcome insight into Enoch’s teachings.

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