Book Review: The Crypto-Terrestials by Mac Tonnies

“There’s an itch in my mind, but I can only find it occasionally. It’s like rummaging through a box of ancient refuse and incomprehensible knick-knacks and suddenly feeling the two-pronged bite of a snake between your fingers; you recoil, shrinking, but your curiosity is irreversibly piqued. You want to empty the box into the light of day regardless of the danger – or maybe even because of it.” ~ Mac Tonnies

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When a serious investigative reporter, researcher or author dies under unusual or suspicious circumstances, I make it my business to find out what they were investigating.

Mac Tonnies, the proprietor of the Posthuman Blues blog, died in 2009 at the age of 34. He was working on his third book – The Crypto Terrestrials:  A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us – published posthumously in 2010. A two volume work – Posthuman Blues: Dispatches from a World on the Cusp of Terminal Dissolution –  was also published posthumously.

Tonnie’s cryptoterrestrial hypothesis proposes that extraterrestrial beings are actually mysterious and secretive races of earthly origin. These races have existed upon Earth for at least as long as humanity, and present themselves as extraterrestrials or occult beings.

Make no mistake about it – this is an intensely creepy topic. However, the push towards transhumanism is very serious and just as creepy. Until our invisible governance system is made visible and geopolitical and financial events make sense, I will keep asking questions and looking for answers.

I wish Mac Tonnies was still with us. We can use all the smart fearless help we can get.

Mac Tonnies Books – The Crypto-Terrestials

The Cryptoterrestrials

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