The Many Faces of Mind Control

It’s like one way in, and no way out.”
~ Curtis Mayfield, “Ms. Martha,” New World Order album

By Catherine Austin Fitts

At the Solari Report, we take the topic of mind control seriously—and we believe that our subscribers and allies need to take it seriously as well. For years, our website has offered interviews and resources addressing mind control and related topics like entrainment, propaganda, and neuroweaponry. Understanding mind control is an essential risk management tool and vital in the fight to protect personal and family wealth and our financial transaction freedom.

Of late, we have noticed a heightened attentiveness among our audience to this topic—and a willingness to deep-dive the nuts and bolts of mind control as well as its nuances. In response, mind control will continue to be a topic that we emphasize. Our Future Science Series host Ulrike Granögger and Dutch ally and journalist Elze van Hamelen will be bringing you cutting-edge interviews on mind control throughout 2024, having already launched this initiative with their blockbuster interviews with Michael Nehls (“The Indoctrinated Brain”) and Michelle Stiles (“Soft Mind Control: More than 100 Years of Propaganda”). We have recently made the Michael Nehls interview available to the public so our subscribers can share widely with family and friends.

As Ulrike and I discussed in our 2022 interview titled “Control & Freedom Happen One Person at a Time,” Mr. Global has put multiple control systems in place to mesmerize and harvest us, one person at a time, enabled by AI, software, and invasive surveillance implemented through smartphones and other digital devices. Learning to recognize how these and other tools, including sophisticated neurobiological mechanisms, are being used to weaken people’s ability to think for themselves—putting them in a “trance,” as it were—is the first step toward spotting and navigating mind control traps and claiming sovereignty over your mind.

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