Control & Freedom Happen One Person at a Time with Catherine & Ulrike Granögger

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Control & Freedom Happen One Person at a Time with Catherine & Ulrike Granögger
Control & Freedom Happen One Person at a Time with Catherine & Ulrike Granögger

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“Controlled with an elegant and simple user interface on a smartphone, neuroscientists can easily trigger any specific combination or precise sequencing of light and drug deliveries in any implanted target animal without need to be physically inside the laboratory. Using these wireless neural devices, researchers could also easily setup fully automated animal studies where behaviour of one animal could positively or negatively affect behaviour in other animals by conditional triggering of light and/or drug delivery.” ~ News release quoted by B.N. Frank in “Scientists announce they can manipulate brain cells with smartphone-controlled implant,” Waking Times, Aug. 6, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the ways that you can tell that a major and highly profitable operation is coming to a close is when a great deal of time and money is spent crafting a closing story about what has happened. The story is designed to be both distracting and comforting, and to permit the goals of the operation to be successful—whether it be the implementation of a global control grid or profit-taking on a global scale by those who conceived the operation in the first place.

The current efforts to market a “modified limited hangout” on Covid-19 have turned into a tsunami of soothing “horse-puckey”—whether from experts fielded by the intelligence agencies or others going with the flow in a media campaign designed to get views and attention. This is how to be a “hero” without touching that dangerous third rail where the real power lines run.

Essentially, we are being presented with a story that diagnoses the problem as one of regulatory capture and pharmaceutical corruption, combined with a new form of mass hysteria called “mass formation psychosis.”

The story explains that recent events were led by a few bad actors who can now be transformed, as John Titus explains, into “chew toys” to be thrown to the dogs. Candidates currently being auditioned for preferred “chew toy” status include Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Anthony Fauci—all of whom truly deserve whatever global loathing and legal and financial accountability comes their way.

A lot of these presentations sound good, until you understand, first, that the story ignores the actual covert control grid that engineered the Covid-19 profit and asset windfalls, and second, that the very same control grid is about to pop into a position of total control. To stop it—and halt the plan that would have us spending our lives in digital concentration camps—we first need to see it.

I asked Ulrike Granögger, the host of our Future Science series, to join me for a discussion of how control actually works—including the control that engineered the Covid-19 operation. If you have not watched Ulrike’s Future Science episodes—particularly “The Wave Genome” and “Medical Nanobots, Parts I and II”—they are excellent background for understanding the multiple control systems operating on you, your family, your colleagues, and your community.

In this Special Solari Report, Ulrike and I review the control systems used to engineer a global coup d’état under cover of a pandemic. We also discuss the danger that the continued growth of control systems poses—with a smart grid, biometrics, vaccine passports, digital ID wallets, and digital currency promising to turn into a full-blown social credit system that ends human liberty in the Western world, if we allow it. Powered by AI, software, and telecommunications systems that we fund, the system operates one person at a time. Which means that if we want to be free, we must also do so one person at a time.

Here’s hoping that seeing the risks will help you to take action to make sure you live a free and inspired life and help those around you do the same.

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