Control Is One Person at a Time

“If you have pictures of family men having sex with a child, they are yours for life. Such people can and will help you engineer the theft of trillions for modest compensation. You control them. They are slaves who are all the more effective as their slavery is invisible. It is secret. No one—not even their closest friends and family—can see who their real bosses are and where their true loyalties lie. No one can fathom that a bank CEO or a senator is, in fact, a slave.”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts, “Control Files,” July 2012, Control Files commentary

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Control is not implemented by “mass formation psychosis.” Quite the opposite. Control is implemented at the individual level.

Control systems are not new, but they have evolved well beyond the cost and clumsiness of thugs in trench coats and bugs in telephones. The advent of digital systems has taken control to a whole new level, with AI and software permitting invasive individual monitoring and control on an economic basis.

Intelligence agenciesand the banks and corporations which they coordinate or contract with, or own, control, or create (such as the social media giants)use multiple technologies to implement individual-level control and influence. Techniques may range from the quite “nuts and bolts” to hypnosis, but the important thing to understand is that the control system is FULLY AUTOMATED and is entirely created, monitored, and managed at the INDIVIDUAL levelthe very opposite of “mass.” After being used to plan, simulate, and implement control, first, on an individual basis, it can then scale up to larger “fields”families, neighborhoods, and companiesand be deployed to engineer wider consensus.

Running on an automated basisone person at a timethe control system uses AI, software, and invasive surveillance implemented through smartphones, TVs, computers, Wi-Fi, and various other digital devices. The primary individualized control systems include:

Growing quite organically through trial and error, control systems have continued to evolve as Mr. Global progressively centralizes power and resources. Over the last three decades, a deeply invasiveand sophisticatedcovert social credit system has been developed that is now working quite successfully.

This is why vaccine passports and biometric IDs on blockchains are so dangerous, particularly when combined with central bank digital currency (CBDC) or an all-digital financial system. If and when these systems go “live” on scale, the covert social credit system can be converted to an overt slavery system literally overnight. The trap is there. With free rein to compromise Constitutions and formerly sovereign government Treasuriesso as to continue to implement and control the tax flowsall Mr. Global has to do is flip the switch.

This is what Augustín Carstens, general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), succinctly explained in 56 seconds in the fall of 2020: #CashFriday

These individualized systems are now being used to engineer both a global coup and a new totalitarian system, with our home, our car, and our officeall our intimate spacesconverted into a digital concentration camp managed on a one-by-one basis. The success of the coup depends on the success of these systems. This is why the notion that people’s behavior is a “mass” phenomenon provides such powerful air cover.

In my opinion, the promotion of “mass formation” theories prevents people from being able to see the individualized high-tech trap that is closing in around each one of us. If we can see the trap, we can take steps to prevent it from being sprung. Control may be one person at a time. So is freedom. So lets see what is happening and assert our freedom one person at a time and, together, helping each other one family and one community at a time.

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