Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children

"It's a new world order, and brother you're the prey." ~ Curtis Mayfield

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Nearly every day I hear from parents and relatives deeply concerned regarding the effects of smartphone and online technology on their loved ones, particularly children. I just sent someone a collection of links regarding entrainment and mind control technology. I am republishing it here. Kids entrained on video games, watching porn, trained in covert operations, attracted into occult and demonic practices, used as school shooters—these things are real.

If you are a parent, you need to understand that your children are targets of some of the most powerful people and dangerous technology on the planet. It is your job to understand this and protect them. Giving organized crime a direct shot at their minds is a dangerous affair—and can ultimately also give organized crime direct access to their character and their body as well as your family and family resources.

Subscribers are welcome to suggest additional links in the comments section. I would like to build this into a collection that can help us all protect our young people. We have more in the library, and I will add some of these links as well.

Thank you for everything you are doing to make sure our children and future generations grow up in a healthy and happy environment!

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