Entrainment Technology, Subliminal Programming & Financial Manipulation

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Transcript of the August 18, 2011 Solari Report: Adam Trombly 0n Subliminal Programming

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The Solari Report 2011-08-18

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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction – 0:00

2. Theme – 4:56 – The Global Reset Button has been pushed; my goal for tonight is to help you understand that entrainment and subliminal programming is real; it is used to influence people; we all need to be discerning …

3. Money & Markets – 7:07Equity markets continue to get hammered; new predictions of global recession; behind the scenes – impact on the economy of ongoing disasters — drought and floods, gulf, Fukishima and well as the ongoing use of the financial system aka “debt crisis” to centralize sovereignty out of governments; Dow closed at 10,990 and gold at 1823. (11,577 and 1405); DOW down 5% for the year and gold up 30% – beginning of the year 8.2 ounces to buy the DOW; today 6 ounces to buy the DOW. Europe decides to make matters worse – centralization; Ron Paul; lots of news about Rick Perry, does not look like he is running for president, rather he is running to block Paul in the media – for which the Republican party will no doubt be grateful; Solari launched our first Iphone app Silver Gold Calculator Available at iTunes! Are You Ready for “JUST DO IT” Currency? …

4. Solari Hero: Dennis Kucinich – 5:28 – Gave a great speech on Social Security – its up on the blog…don’t know how he does it, but I am glad he does

5. Ask Catherine – 11:15 – Debt crisis is a system – not a problem…it is an intentional reengineering; a political problem, not economic or financial problem. Debt crisis is not a crisis – it is an intentional reengineering. What’s needed:

  1. Transparency – black budget, suppressed technology
  2. Respect of Individual Rights – by everyone – most people I know think it is ok to make money by harming someone else – GMO farmers; use of entrainment and invasive surveillance
  3. New investment model – equity based which optimizes both place and corporations
  4. Integrate available health and energy technology
  5. Sound currency

Questions on Pension fund – Special Solari Report about litigation brought on just this issue.

6. Interview: Adam Trombly – 20:13

7. Up Next – 58:34 – Dr. Sam Milham …



[Note from CAF: I am concerned about the possible rise of marketing of consumer products and services, financial assets and entrapments (such as on line pornography) using enterainment, so I am republishing our August 2011 interview on this subject. Please beware of making important decisions in and around digital equipment.]

Comments From Subscriber Listeners

Dear Catherine,

Wow! What great guests you’re having on the Solari Report. I have a question for Adam Trombly. Surely, some people are more susceptible to entrainment technology than others. Are some people more resistant to the effects of these subliminal messages and what traits allows these people to be so. There was a heavy duty campaign of subliminal messaging to get Obama elected. I would watch some of his speeches and some of those huge crowds looked just like people in a fundamentalist mega-church… totally mesmerized. It was freaky/scary. My friends and I often ask why we didn’t fall for the sales pitch and didn’t vote for him– including some who were lifelong democrats. I remember years ago I would see adds for high interest(8%) savings accounts in Iceland. I never would invest in one because I knew it was too good to be true. Is it that some have critical thinking skills or am I just getting more cynical in my mature years?

Thank you for all you do!!!

Dear Catherine and Adam,
Wow…what a powerful conversation just now on the Solari report. Challenging information clearly and evenly handled, with great caring, humor and spirit.
Proud to know you.

It was very informative & interesting! What is the thing that you lie down on, that you mentioned ? You told me a long time ago a little about it , but I had forgotten about it.After that talk, it sounds like we all need it to get de programmed!

Good show tonight!
You may want to check out this site:

Hi Catherine

Regarding use of hypnotic subliminals in music clips… have a look at this analysis of various music clips that are popular in our youth culture. They are very dark with destructive themes… and more and more daring. But make sure you freeze frame to see all the fast images implanted between the cracks. Very s.ata.nic.

See in particular the Katy Perry clip called ‘ET’. http://www.youtube.com/user/infrasonicnada#g/c/DD7A0CA41A15E93F Her head dress is the double helix DNA.

It’s like an agenda being revealed… Very sinister.

See how they use the technique of ‘backmasking’… http://www.youtube.com/user/infrasonicnada#g/c/D7D3A5C89659AF26

Brings shivers.


Dear Catherine,

What an exhilarating program! I just loved it- such fun to listen to brilliant people. You two are great together. What a charming and brilliant guest. Thank you so much. I’ll be pondering all of this valuable information for quite a while. Love it! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole 1.5 hours. Where in the world could I have learned this priceless information but the Solari Report?

Adam bought the “gold is in a bubble con”. Oops ; ) He better be more careful about entrainment.

Thanks for addressing my question. I’m glad you and Adam were amused by it. It amuses me, too. I love this… pray for the awakening of your relatives. hahaha!

Thank you, thank you,

ps: Could I borrow Adams brain? : )

Subject: Fabulous Solari report

Really thought you and Adam did a great job on the Report tonight.
Best explanation I ever got of the entrainment technology. Thanks for doing this one. Investing in a QRS, as the gold goes up it seems like a good investment (where did you get yours?).

About tonight’s report…FANTASTIC. More later but I REALLY need to know all about this. THANK YOU CAF!

Subject: Gratitude Is Not Enough

Heartfelt thanks to you and these wonderful podcasts that are educational and life transforming. Becoming more informed on all these issues is enlightening and at the same time isolating because the majority of people in my world whether it be work or in the community are blank sheets of paper. I question, I probe, follow the money, scrutinize intentions of the non-profit boards or organizations that I became involved with and now have left…

Isolating and lonely at times on this path, but I can no longer be a sheep. It is difficult finding people who really research the issues and probe beyond the rhetoric of Democrats vs. Republicans vs. the Tea Party, or liberals and conservatives. Boxes are easier than independent thinking. Yes, it is certainly mind control. An example, is Wal Mart where a friend of mine stopped their recently and commented that they customers all looked dazed and mind controlled. Cheap food and McDonalds. Many people I know live this way and I can only feel compassion, but economic circumstances force people to these choices and feed the vampire squid. It is devouring them. I pray for us all.

Thank you for expanding the website for subscribers and looking forward to networking with like-minded people in my area.


Subject: TromblyThat was a terrific show with Adam Trombly. I avoided the subject because of it’s high woo-woo factor and the only place I could think of at the time was the Monroe Institute, which Trombly mentioned. You mentioned QRS – is this the correct site? http://www.quantronmedicine.com/store/

Sounds like an amazing system — and you’re a good judge, so I’m going to look into it.

Subject: “You don’t need a ticket …

?… just get on board.” ?
“Dancing to the Hum”
Just two of your ecstatic witticisms from Adam Trombley interview?which I listened to last night. Still resonating. Will listen again soon. ?Repetition builds new synapses in the brain which ? becoming atoms ? create new “brain cells.”?Used to tell my tech students, “So, if you’ve been bad, you can grow your brain right back.” “If you’re not in a conspiracy ? need to start one.” (I have: http://www.UseForeclosureLaw.com)?For more than two decades I’ve not been a Conspiracy Theorist, been a “Conspiracy Therapist”?and now finally coming public with purpose and intent. If didn’t mention before had my public piano debut at the Napa Opera House (lobby)?opening for the Mickey Hart Band in the reception area. Though, not invited, just sat down and did it, ?gained House Manager approval to continue on, and played the opening reception and the intermission for about 150 folks.?Extreme personal breakthrough for me. Fears falling away more and more with self-realization –actualization…

Your range and depth are inspiring.

  • Watch little TV (netflix streaming is good)
  • Do eat fresh (even from my deck garden in pots)
  • Bank local (coming next month)
  • Be in nature (oh iam veddy mucho) living in it.

QRS device. Gotta have it. Is this the one. (please advise)?http://www.quantronmedicine.com/store/ ?May I presume the QRS was be the lifesaver youse twose were talking about?

From your Adam interview, “Spiritual War going on” … “Buddha nature”?currently reading Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings
Your program was so inspiring. Bookmarked Adam’s http://www.projectearth.com/ for further study.
While Mr. Global’s world is crumbling, ?The New World (without so much ? and certainly not their ? order) is Rebirthing.
No love if ya don’t bring it.

Hello Catherine,
I’m back in Tennessee. Hope you are well. Last weeks report was fascinating.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on the The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) I will be speaking with scientist Adam Trombly about the use of entrainment technology and subliminal programing to engineer financial transactions.

Example: You have been approached by a private investment company. Whenever you speak with its representative by phone, you feel particularly good. There is something about them and their pitch that resonates. Years later it comes out that the fund was a Ponzi scheme and you and thousands of investors have lost billions of dollars. How could so many people have been fooled? It turns out that you may have been seduced by entrainment technology operating through the phones.

Example: You are attracted to a group of internet websites and radio shows that are promoting precious metals. You find them particularly juicy. You bought silver when it was at $10. Now it is rising to $50 and they are predicting it will go to $100 or more. In a world gone mad, it feels like something is working. It feels good. You find yourself literally addicted to their shows — you are hungry to be “in the club.” But is there are risk that they are just part of a pump and dump game that ran silver up to $50 before it suddenly dropped to $36 and that entrainment and subliminal programming are involved?

Example: Your company is growing. You want to hire a consultant to help you figure out if you should raise capital, find a strategic partner, or merge with a larger company. You don’t realize that the company you are about to hire to help you has a second business – feeding inside information to a large investment bank that uses a private security firm to engineer a series of sabotage events so it can pick up your company for a song. You hired the consultant because someone important called you with a very positive recommendation — and they were using entrainment and subliminal programming to make sure it worked.

Example: You invest in a tech stock because the young analyst at your brokerage firm gives it a very strong recommendation. You think the analyst is smart and hard working. He understands lots about technology that you do not. What he does not understand is that they were impressed by the company management as a result of entrainment technology and subliminal programming used during the analyst presentation they attended when the company was doing a road show in connection with its next IPO.

It’s hard enough to protect ourselves against dirty tricks. It is another thing to protect ourselves against invisible technology and dirty tricks that we cannot even fathom exists. On Thursday evening, Adam and I will talk about entrainment and subliminal programing — what is it, how it works, how we guard ourselves against it and how we compete in a market place up against people who use it for power and profits.

Adam Trombly is a scientist with years of experience as an inventor working with game changing energy and geophysical technologies. In the process, he was challenged to learn a great deal about the dirty tricks used to control and manipulate advanced technologies and the people and enterprises that might popularize them. Adam is now the director of Project Earth. He was a sponsor of the conference I attended in Switzerland last year that brought together energy scientists and engineers in a panel that was the most enlightening and inspiring presentation I have seen in years. If we have time, I would love to touch on that as well.

I will start with Money & Markets and answer your questions in Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, “Episode 10: Under the Influence” from Season Three of the television series La Femme Nikita. I once described this television series as a training programming on covert ops and related technologies. In this particular episode, Nikita poses as the financeé of an unsuspecting, memory-cleansed terrorist linked to the potential sale of anthrax rockets. The man represents everything Nikita loathes. But, strangely, she’s falling in love. Or is she? It turns out that her colleagues at Section One have re-arranged her surroundings and are using entrainment technology and subliminal programming to make sure she does. If you are keen to see it, it is available as Disc Three from Season Three here.

La Femme Nikita - Promo Season 1
La Femme Nikita - Promo Season 1

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