1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up—Take Action 2021, Part I: Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind with Corey Lynn

"At the banquet table of nature, there are no reserved seats. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can hold. If you can’t take anything, you won’t get anything, and if you can’t hold anything, you won’t keep anything. And you can’t take anything without organization." ~ A. Philip Randolph

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This coming week, we continue the publication of our 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up with Part I of our Take Action 2021 theme: Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind with Corey Lynn.

One of the most powerful actions we can take is to organize, especially if we can do so with people we trust. This was the original purpose of Solari Circles, which we are revisiting to help with the specific challenges of our current situation.

To understand the possibilities of a Solari Circle, I invite you to check out several presentations posted at the 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up web presentation: “Solari Circles: Take Action Together” by attorney Carolyn Betts, “Solari Circles: Taking Action at the Local Level” by former town manager Gary Heckman, and a special report by Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs: “Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind.” These presentations will be available on the Take Action 2021 web presentation by Thursday night. I recommend you read Corey’s article before listening to the interview.

Before setting up a circle, it is important to be aware of things that could sabotage your circle, such as surveillance and mind control technologies. It is, therefore, critical to know about technologies that sabotage a coherent mind and how to protect yourself. For Part I of Take Action 2021, all-star reporter Corey Lynn will join me to discuss these issues. I will talk about Solari Circles in Part II in the last week of April.

For Let's Go to the Movies, I chose a delightful Italian movie: Enrico Piaggio – Vespa. The movie is about the life of Enrico Piaggio and how he created the most famous scooter in the world, Vespa, during one of the most challenging times in Italy. A version of this movie with subtitles is available on Netflix in Europe. If you are in the U.S., you will need a VPN to choose a location in Europe where the movie is available.

In Money & Markets this week, John Titus will join me to review current financial and geopolitical events and how they relate to the Going Direct Reset. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine or post at the Money & Markets commentary here.

Please join me this Thursday, April 22nd, for the 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up: Take Action 2021, Part I.

Talk to you on Thursday!

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