Hero of the Week: April 29, 2024: David A. Hughes

Our Hero of the Week, the brilliant David A. Hughes, is a university lecturer on security studies, international relations theory, foreign policy analysis, globalization, and U.S. exceptionalism. With dual doctorates in German Studies and International Relations, his wide-ranging research interests include psychological warfare, 9/11, Covid-19, the deep state, intelligence crime, technocracy, resurgent totalitarianism, and global class relations.

Additionally, David actively contributes as an associate researcher to the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global “War on Terror,” a group of academics and independent researchers leading the scholarly effort to challenge prevailing official explanations related to those events.

We encourage our readers to follow, share, and support David’s work. With his publications (made available for free), David is risking his university position. Please help fund his future work and “buy him a coffee.”


Selection of the work of David A. Hughes

“Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy by David A. Hughes

Covid-19 – Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity? (Co-authored with Valerie Kyrie and Daniel Broudy)

Global Class War and the Politics of a Hatchet Job: A Reply to John Waters (Follow-up by Hughes, Kyrie, and Broudy)

Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global “War on Terror”

Website coming soon, which will contain a variety of options for supporting David’s work

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