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“Memories are the architecture of our identity.”
~ Anonymous

“Based on the long chain of evidence of a targeted neuropathological attack on autobiographical memory, I argue before you, as my jury, for the existence of a two-stage perfidious master plan of indoctrination, implemented by a small elite without regard for life and limb, in full awareness of its implications.”
~ Michael Nehls

By Ulrike Granögger

In April 2020, when I was working on my Hyperdimensions report for the Future Science Series, lockdowns and 6-feet social distancing were in full swing. I began to have serious thoughts about how the almost cadastral mapping of individuals and their interaction radii would affect our intrinsic perception of space (see 3-minute clip added at the end of the interview).

I am convinced—and it is the reason why I was moved to produce the report on Hyperdimensions—that our beings actually are multidimensional, and existence must be understood as happening simultaneously in supertime and superspace. Brain research (e.g., the Blue Brain Project) has already demonstrated that neural networks are utilizing additional dimensions. It is the conditioned mind that “collapses” reality into a four-dimensional perceptual frame.

Will the bounded range of movement defined by lockdowns and human separation not only deprive our energy bodies of the beneficial exchange of biophotonic information but also impact the way we process and remember spacetime, a cognitive function that happens in the hippocampus?

I was not the only one puzzling over this possibility. Dr. Michael Nehls (author, physician, and molecular geneticist from Germany) did, too. And he found the answers!

Michael Nehls’ scientific background and expertise studying neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s), aging, and how to prevent unnecessary somatic and mental decline have equipped him to lay bare and precisely describe the neurobiological mechanisms by which every one of the new and mandated hygienic countermeasures employed during the p(l)andemic constituted a direct assault on our perception of space and time—and, subsequently, on our autobiographical memory.

Catherine and the Solari Report have worked for many years to expose the subtle methods of “mind control” to which we all are subjected. Once you have heard Dr. Nehls speak and lay out the evidence of an intentional attack on our individual memories, you will connect the dots.

This is pivotal information! Dr. Nehl’s book is now available in English and we highly recommend it. (Because the interview was recorded in late November 2023, our discussion, therefore, refers to the English version as “upcoming.”)

I specifically invite your comments and questions in the subscriber comments section below. Perhaps in a collective effort and through our “swarm intelligence,” we can probe more deeply into how to unravel Mr. Global’s grip on our minds and understand why so many people still remain in an induced spell, acting against their own interests. Hopefully, some of the open questions and collected insights might then lead to a sequel conversation with Dr. Nehls.


Dr. Michael Nehls (homepage)

Dr. Michael Nehls (Linktree)

The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom (Skyhorse Publishing)

Lithium, the Essential Trace Element (Michael Nehl’s Substack)

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