The U.S. Financial Coup d’Etat: Now Is the Time to Take Action

You can’t stop a plan unless you have a better plan.”
~ Catherine Austin Fitts

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This spring, I had the opportunity to gather with and brief an all-star cast of freedom fighters hosted by DailyClout’s Dr. Naomi Wolf. Participants included Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Meryl Nass of Door to Freedom, Bobbie Anne Cox of Cox Lawyers, our general counsel Carolyn Betts, and Ricardo Oskam, the investment analyst for Solari Investment Screens. The purpose of the briefing was to help this group of distinguished freedom fighters recognize the “ecosystem of control” coming at us from all directions.

Wolf has repeatedly displayed an ability to get to the heart of tyranny’s complexities—as, for example, when she warned that implementation of vaccine passports and digital IDs would spell “the end of human liberty in the West.” As she and other freedom fighters grasp the significance of the $21 trillion that began disappearing out the back door with the launch of a financial coup d’état in the late 1990s and the Going Direct Reset now being used to consolidate that coup, their analysis and actions become that much more powerful.

As I emphasized during the briefing, if each of us steps outside our “lane” and learns to see how the various attacks on freedom are related—whether the Great Poisoning, or the substitution of “pharma food” for real food, or the takedown of small business and independent income—we can develop a shared vision and effective strategies to counter the growing takings that fuel central control by protecting our communities and assets and decentralizing economic and political power. To that end, please feel free to share far and wide the playlist of short videos from my briefing.

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