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When cowards despair, be this our reply—
All that’s noble and human
In constant and true man,
In brave patient woman,
Cries—never say die.”
~ John Francis Waller, 1881

[Subsequent to recording this interview, Naomi had an emergency appendectomy and a truly harrowing hospital experience. Thank heavens, she is now home and on the mend. Please keep her in your prayers. You can read all about it at her substack in her latest post, Not Dead Yet.]

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Over the past several years, extraordinary heroes have emerged to help the public understand the nuts and bolts of the tyranny and digital slavery system increasingly coming into full view. Like the heroes we celebrated in our 2nd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up about the engineered health crisis, titled “The Injection Fraud,” Dr. Naomi Wolf had the perspicacity to recognize the fraud and the courage to speak up about it early and often, including in her 2022 book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human.

Wolf, as many subscribers know, is a bestselling author, activist, and co-founder and CEO of DailyClout, a successful civic tech company. One of her most powerful recent accomplishments has been to co-lead, with DailyClout’s chief operating officer Amy Kelly, a crowdsourced project in which 3,500 medical and scientific experts read through and analyzed the tens of thousands of pages of Pfizer documents grudgingly released by FDA every month. The teams of volunteers produced 68 reports, now compiled into the book, War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports, which has already sold out three printings and is being used widely in the legal and legislative arenas.

I have consistently been impressed with Wolf’s grit and ability to slice through propaganda and get to the heart of tyranny’s complexities—even in the face of ostracism from her erstwhile liberal allies. These qualities were on display in 2019 when Wolf forthrightly dissected the “optics” of the Green New Deal—concluding that it had all the hallmarks of a well-orchestrated campaign to reallocate and “gift” power and resources to unaccountable, “private-sector hyper-elite stakeholders.” Nor has Wolf minced her words when denouncing vaccine passports as “the end of human liberty,” or her alma mater Yale’s “trafficking of humans,” or the genocide and “360-degree attack on human reproduction” being carried out via mRNA injection.

Wolf’s charisma and courage make for a potent combination, and I look forward to her continued contributions in the battle for freedom.

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