Pricing the Great Poisoning with Toby Rogers

A Short Preview:

It doesn’t have to be like this.
~ Toby Rogers (Substack tagline)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, we welcome political economist and public policy expert Dr. Toby Rogers to the Solari Report. Rogers earned his PhD in 2019 at the University of Sydney in Australia, writing a doctoral thesis titled The Political Economy of Autism, which estimated that U.S. autism costs would exceed $1 trillion by 2025. That estimate, he noted at the time, would surpass official Defense Department spending as a proportion of GDP.

There are scores of analysts who discuss the medical and pharmaceutical industries from a conventional profit and loss standpoint and never get to the heart of the matter. Rogers, however, is that rare and courageous individual looking at the underlying business model behind the profits: poisoning. This is one of the points he emphasizes in his June 2023 article titled “How then shall we think about the economy?”, which we discuss in the interview. While recognizing that the pharmaceutical industry is not the sole vector of poisoning, he observes that it “is upriver from everything that happens in our economy because they begin poisoning almost everyone in utero so everything that happens after that is in some way shaped by Pharma’s toxic chemical assault.” This turns out to be “great” for GDP because poisoning not only leads to more medical/pharmaceutical interventions but also is responsible for rising non-medical costs in a wide variety of sectors.

Rogers also boldly uses the word “iatrogenocide” (doctor- or medicine-led genocide), bringing it to the forefront of discussions about the past several years’ events, even when others hesitate to acknowledge the intentionality of what has been happening. Nor is he afraid to name names, refusing to let off the hook the individuals at agencies like the CDC and FDA who “want to permanently enslave your children to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Rogers has achieved numerous breakthroughs that can contribute to a wide range of efforts. Although the topics we discuss are somber, he is not, sharing an inspiring focus on actions and solutions. Solari’s Building Wealth curriculum can also help you understand risk management and shows why living equity is central to wealth-building.

Money & Markets:

In Money & Markets this week, John Titus and I will cover the latest events and continue to discuss the financial and geopolitical trends Solari is tracking in 2023—and the pushback rocking and rolling us around the globe. Post questions at the Money & Markets commentary here.

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