Blast from the Past: Week of Oct. 4, 2021: 2018 Annual Wrap Up – The Real Game of Missing Money

"Perhaps the hardest thing to imagine about the secret life of the cryptocracy is that it isn’t a subculture at all: it’s a superculture. It’s an underworld that rules over each and every one of us, and trying to see it is like trying to imagine a fifth dimension from the perspective of a fourth. Yet we also belong to this parallel world and it has always been there, acting on us in ways both invisible and oppressive—oppressive most of all because invisible. For what we fail to see continues indefinitely." ~ Jason Horsley

The U.S. government keeps secret books and refuses to publish audited financial statements. Based on government documents, there is $21 trillion missing from the U.S. government. These facts are impacting current events in profound ways.

If you are new to The Solari Report, you may want to dive into the material explaining the “Missing Money.” If you are a seasoned subscriber, it may still be useful to deepen your understanding.

The Real Game of Missing Money was the theme of the 2018 Annual Wrap Up. We wanted to collect all the materials and publish them in hard copy, mailing them to all of the continents globally to protect the information from censorship. I also added a history of dealing with the missing money. Here is the online version of the 2018 Annual Wrap Up. This material is public, so please share widely.

Subscribers can purchase the two-volume hard copies at the Solari Bookstore.

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