Liberty House Briefing – March 21, 2024


1. Overview and Goals 10:00-10:10am 
2. Control Grid Ecosystem 10:10-10:20am 
3. The Economics of Centralization and Decentralization 10:20-10:50am 
           – Going Direct Reset vs Building Wealth Reset 
4. The Financial Coup d’Etat  10:50am – 11:20am 
            – Missing Money and FASAB 56 
            – Going Direct Reset and Pandemic 
5. Accelerating Control Grid Roll Out and Disaster Capitalism 11:20-12 noon 
6. Lunch: WHO, BioDefense and the Control Grid – Dr. Meryl Nass 12-1:00pm 
7.  Sovereignty: What the US States Can Do 1-2:00pm 
8. Next Steps: How Do We Leverage Each Other’s Time 2-3:00pm

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