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“We need all hands on deck for this monumental, and historic movement! Sitting back and watching the show, thinking ‘Someone else will do it for us. Some lawyers. Some politicians. Some knight in shining armor…’ Well, I am one of those ‘some lawyers’ and I am telling you, I/we cannot do it alone!”
~ Bobbie Anne Cox

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, we welcome New York attorney Bobbie Anne Cox to the Solari Report to discuss her valiant legal pushback against government overreach since 2020. Cox is also our Hero of the Week.

An attorney with 25 years’ experience, first at a large Manhattan law firm and then as head of her own firm, Cox specialized in real estate law, developing a deep understanding of property rights and infringements thereon. When the CDC, a public health agency, stepped outside its jurisdiction to declare a nationwide eviction moratorium in 2020, Cox’s property law expertise immediately allowed her to recognize the CDC orders as a real estate grab and attack on mom-and-pop landlords.

However, Cox has become most widely known for Borello v. Hochul, a lawsuit filed after New York’s Health Commissioner adopted an alarmingly unconstitutional regulation, “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” (Rule 2.13) that allows the governor to “illegally lock people up at a whim” without due process. Representing State Senator George Borello and two Assemblymen, Cox sued Governor Kathy Hochul and the Department of Health and won, with the judge striking the rule down as “null, void, and unenforceable.” Unfortunately, Gov. Hochul has appealed, and Attorney Cox is now fighting the case in the Court of Appeals.

Although the quarantine lawsuit has been unfolding in the state of New York, it has major implications for all of us. New York is the center of the U.S. financial system and home to the New York Fed, the depository for the U.S. government. This quarantine regulation can be weaponized against any person or family of a person who refuses to help institute the control grid. If your assets are managed by people in New York, understand the powers this regulation gives to the state to control those assets as well as the state’s residents and their property.

Those interested in financially supporting Cox’s legal efforts can donate directly at her website; for larger donations, the Foundation for Constitutional Preservation & Advancement is also accepting donations on her behalf.


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