Links for the Basel Workshop

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I am posting the links here referred to in my presentations and discussions this weekend in Basel. I will continue to post throughout the weekend as the discussions and presentations continue, so check back.

The Present Age:


Open to the Public:

Coming Clean
Walking by Sees
The Story of Gideon
Comet Neowise & the Spirit of Freedom
Entrainment Technology, Subliminal Programming & Financial Manipulation
Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport, Parts I-III (links – IV, V, & The Injection Fraud)
The Red Button Story
Turtle Forth
Karma Means You Don’t Get Away with Anything
FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Accounting Loopholes
The Missing Money: $21 Trillion Missing from US Government
Legal Series – US Monetary & Fiscal Operations

Subscriber Only:

Fear Not with Thomas Meyer
Rudolf Steiner on What We do Now with Thomas Meyer
The State of Our Currencies
2nd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up – The Injection Fraud

Works in Progress:

Pandemic Heros
Pandemic Toons
Pandemic Hypocrites

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