Special Solari Report: Comet NEOWISE & the Spirit of Freedom with Thomas Meyer

Credit: NASA

“In a Dornach lecture on 24th October 1923 (in vol. 351) for workers in the Goetheanum, Steiner refers to lectures in Paris in May 1906 in which he stated that out of inner spiritual cognition in the comets must be some zyanacid (in English – cyanoacid)” ~Thomas Meyer

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I arrived in the Basel area last Friday to spend the weekend with Thomas Meyer, publisher of The Present Age and Europa, and his family. We have been planning for his workshop here on August 28-29th. We took some time to record one of our discussions on current events. We added an addendum two days later after an evening observing Comet NEOWISE and shooting stars.

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