Fear Not with Thomas Meyer

Fear Not with Thomas Meyer
Fear Not with Thomas Meyer

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“Fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee….” ~ Genesis 26:24

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I was so looking forward to joining Thomas at his workshop in Basel: “100 Years of Deep State Tactics: Can We Understand and Transform?” Among other things, a marvelous group was going to gather in the Stadthaus Basel for a rich conversation. We were also going to celebrate Bach’s birthday with some beautiful violin music. Due to travel restrictions, the workshop has been postponed. Stay tuned!

Instead, I asked Thomas to join me online for a timely conversation for The Solari Report. What does Rudolf Steiner teach us about what is happening? We discuss the importance of spiritual faith and tools that can help us navigate events without losing time and energy to the spirit of fear. And this weekend, I will still celebrate Bach’s birthday by listening to scores of his cantatas. Have MP3 player, will travel!

Our movie this week is one of my favorite Christian movies—War Room, in which Miss Clara reminds us about the power of prayer. We live in a world at war. For many of us, getting into the War Room is a powerful action we can take to protect ourselves, our families, and our businesses from the spirit of fear and to change the trend and direction of a world at war. This is a time, as Miss Clara says, “to kick Satan out of your house.”

War Room Official Trailer

War Room Official Trailer

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