Special Solari Report: Truth Telling 9/11 with Dr. Niels Harrit & Thomas Meyer

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“All wars are based on deception.” ~ Dr. Niels Harrit

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When I was in Copenhagen this spring, I joined Thomas Meyer for his discussion with Danish scientist and retired associate professor of chemistry Dr. Niels Harrit.

Dr. Harrit skyrocketed into global consciousness in 2009 when he published a peer-reviewed paper about the demolition of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, among other things drawing attention to the unanswered questions regarding the demolition of the third World Trade Center building, Building 7.

Dr. Harrit and Thomas Meyer are two of the most fearless European leaders questioning the “official reality” of 9/11. We discuss Dr. Harrit’s journey investigating and speaking about 9/11.

Dr. Harrit describes how NATO’s Article 5 was used to activate Europe’s integration into the global War on Terrorism and war in the Middle East. It is one of the most important stories of 9/11—one I did not know until I joined Dr. Harrit and Thomas that afternoon in Denmark.

Dr. Harrit also describes the end of European academic freedom during this period and his efforts to educate the Danish people.

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