Destiny and the Process of Dying


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A Lecture by Dr. Zoltán Schermann

My lecture is based on an experience I had. For me, it was a very profound one which changed my destiny. What I would like to say is also closely linked to the way in which medicine is practiced in Holland. I will therefore speak about it in detail. This is also necessary to understand certain events correctly.

A case in a general practitioner’s practice in Holland

The situation occurred in 2007. At that time I was an anthroposophical doctor in a general practitioner’s (GP’s) practice. That does not mean that every patient who came to me was also really interested in anthroposophical medicine. In Holland the GP has a very central role in the doctor’s profession. Every patient has to register with a GP. This also means that the practice is linked to a particular locale, so people register who live in the neighbourhood and simply need a doctor. These mostly expect purely conventional medical treatment.

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