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"Death smiles on us all. All a man can do is smile back." ~ Marcus Aurelius in Gladiator

By Catherine Austin Fitts

If Jeffrey Epstein had asked me what the adoption of FASAB Statement 56 in October 2018 meant in terms of future demand for his brand of money laundering and control file services, I would have told him that the deep state had just signed his death warrant. Whatever he did from that point on, I could have told him that he should never again land his plane in a U.S., UK, or Israeli jurisdiction. When he flew into the U.S. from Paris, he didn't see it coming.

Epstein is far from the only one. As the financial coup consolidation continues, scores of players have discovered their sudden conversion from asset to liability—their power diminished or gone. With this reengineering, the profitability of the deep state grows.

FASAB 56 significantly increased the power of the "financial bazooka" that the U.S. Treasury and New York Fed and its member banks use to maintain the U.S. dollar as reserve currency. This is power that keeps U.S. corporate monopolies and equity markets levitated beyond fundamental economics. Will the fact that U.S. equity markets racked up over 30% in gains in fiscal 2019 draw more attention to the deep state tactics behind the global power of the U.S. federal credit?

Certainly, any institutional investor should be able to recognize that the Trump administration and an extraordinary bipartisan effort in the U.S. Congress have together engineered a complete—and clearly illegal—revoking of financial management laws through an obscure administrative accounting procedure. Mercenary armies have discovered their new gravy train.

In one fell swoop, this one change negated private and public financial disclosure. At the same time, the collapse of financial disclosure has been accompanied by a chorus from the G7 business and investment establishment calling for non-financial disclosure. Climate change and social responsibility have been converted to financial white-out. This makes sense. The largest New York financial institutions are achieving record profits as a result of taking the financial flows dark. Protecting this rich insider's game by pontificating about the environment,inequality, or transgender human rights is good for business—which is why it is such an important deep state tactic (see 1st Quarter 2019 Wrap Up: Will ESG Turn the Red Button Green? and Caveat Emptor: Why Investors Need to Do Due Diligence on U.S. Treasury and Related Securities).

The deep state would like nothing better than for the general population in the developed world to descend into a nightmare of divide-and-conquer politics and violence. I would argue that it is a better use of our time to understand the real system around us and the tactics being used to engineer the lies, division, violence, and war that we continue to finance and support. We are—individually and collectively—financing our own demise.

We have the power to stop this, but to do so, we need to "see" the game. During 2019, The Solari Report began a series on Deep State Tactics to contribute to a more human path. This material built on the account of my personal history published in our 2018 Annual Wrap Up: The Real Game of Missing Money, which also included a wealth of information about FASAB 56 and its impact on investors. The Deep State Tactics 101 segments were among the most popular we published in 2019. Consequently, I decided to dedicate our 2019 Annual Wrap Up to completing and publishing the entire series.

Here is the outline for the full series.

I. Introduction
II. Solari Report Resources
III. Control System Goals
IV. Tactics by Areas
A. Faith, Hope, & Love
B. Health
C. Communication/Surveillance
D. Mind Control
E. Brand/Prestige
F. Media (including Disinformation)
G. Control Files
H. Personnel Benefits
I. Financial
J. Legal
K. Politics
L. Culture & Consumerism
M. Cybersecurity
N. Covert Operations & Crime
O. Targeting of Children
P. The Beatdowns: Company, Neighborhood, Cohort
V. Hard Times: My List of the Personal Worst
VI. Helpful Strategies
VII. Closing Thoughts

As part of the 2019 Annual Wrap Up, I will complete the last half of the Deep State Tactics 101 series. This coming week, I will complete the next three sectiosn on Tactics by Areas—covering Politics; Culture & & Consumerism. The following week I will cover Cybersecurity; Covert Operations & Crime; Targeting of Children; and The Beatdowns: Company, Neighborhood, Cohort and close with the final sections of the series.

My goal is to help you see the impact of these control and manipulation tactics on your life, work, and finances—in a manner that helps you wisely invest your time and resources and take advantage of opportunities while managing risk throughout 2020. My goal is practical: I want to improve your predator evasion skills, and I want to increase your chances of living a free and inspired life. The higher our immunity, the less food there will be for predators to harvest.

In Let's Go to the Movies, I will walk you through our picks for the films that will best help you understand the tactics that are driving geopolitics and financial markets—whether in global financial centers or local communities. Check out the Movies and Documentaries in the Deep State Tactics section at the 2019 Annual Wrap Up web presentation.

Note again two of my favorites reviewed several times already on The Solari Report: Sir Ridley Scott's Gladiator and Tony Scott's Enemy of the State.

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