Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood

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Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood
Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood

“In a digital age, data about money is worth more than money.” ~ Nicholas Negroponte

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Patrick Wood, publisher of Technocracy News, joins me to continue our discussion on technocracy. Make sure you have first listened to our introduction to technocracy here.

In this segment, Patrick and I take a look at Opportunity Zones—a U.S. tax shelter investment vehicle authorized by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Opportunity Zones teams are prototyping technocracy’s “last mile” in the United States. As global capital returns to North America, opportunities in real estate abound. Entrepreneurs and investors can shift enormous unrealized capital gains out of tech companies and the stock market at a relative high and into real estate (and related digital integration in communities) at relative low prices.

Put aside your prism of national competition. Look at the world through the prism of digital control—the competition to own and access the satellites, telecommunications, information systems, software, and AI that implement “the databeast” is reaching a fever pitch. Or, as Patrick says, “data is the new oil,” and we are entering a new period of “digital despotism.”

The implementation and intense competition are accelerating globally. You can see the signs everywhere:

  • Burdensome EU regulatory schemes from Brussels
  • An invasive social credit system in China
  • Mandated systems and software overwhelming U.S. health care, forcing consolidation of independent doctors
  • India’s aggressive push for biometric IDs, online payment systems, and cashless requirements
  • Central banks worldwide developing blockchain and cryptocurrency systems
  • Central bank manipulation of market prices—gold, oil price, and interest rates
  • DOJ and FTC assertion of control of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple before the 2020 elections
  • Competition for the DOD JEDI contract as Amazon and Microsoft emerge as co-finalists
  • U.S. targeting of Huawei—who will have back-door access and win in the 5G rollout?
  • Snowden’s exposure of NSA, Five Eyes, and Israeli SIGINT back doors into your data
  • The push by China to create a separate Internet

In one sense, the backlash of electorates around the world (whether Brexit, the 2016 U.S. elections, or recent European elections) reflects the voice of small business, investors, and professionals against the psychopathy and costs of technocracy—whether against the destruction of productivity or the waste of taxpayer resources to subsidize an exceptionally expensive and fraudulent form of centralization. Unfortunately, we now have a new wave of “reform” politicians looking to turbocharge technocracy with massive increases in laws and regulations. They appear to be giving no thought as to why we have failed to enforce the many sound laws already on the books—particularly those that relate to financial management and disclosure.

Patrick does an excellent job of helping you understand the deeper story on Opportunity Zones and what it means both in North America and globally. His research reflects excellent experience and understanding of the networks, technology, and economics at work.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend this review of Sean Parker—one of the creators of the Opportunity Zone investment—to give you an understanding of the cultural values of the people leading this effort. In my opinion, Parker and many other tech billionaires have been massively subsidized by the U.S. federal credit—a fact they often do not understand themselves. This raises the question, why do we continue to finance people and companies who not only get rich from using mind control technology to addict our children but think doing so is funny and cool? The time has come to rethink our investments in zero-integrity systems and the people who profit from them.

Tucker Carlson Tonight - November 10, 2017 - Archive

Tucker Carlson Tonight – November 10, 2017 – Archive

You can significantly improve your navigation skills by seeing what is happening. As you do, you will also begin to see opportunities to do something about our tax dollars and the federal credit (and no doubt some of the $21 trillion in missing money) being used to build and promote zero-integrity telecommunication, Internet, information, entertainment, and “smart” technology systems and software that continue to spiritually, culturally, and emotionally drain our families.

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