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Catherine Austin Fitts - What is The Popsicle Index?

Catherine Austin Fitts – What is The Popsicle Index?

YouTube | October 2013

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I first came up with the notion of the The Popsicle Index in the first Bush Administration. After a month or so of being lobbied by various real estate interests, I realized that the driving force behind the lobbying efforts of the private interests I was regulating was the price of their stock. The organization of their profits seemed divorced from the well being of the living ecosystems that constitute a community or county. Indeed, our financial ecosystems are surprisingly disassociated from living ecosystems, very much as a result of the intervention of the federal government in spending, mortgage and bank credit and regulation. I began searching for a way of measuring the well being of a living ecosystem so it could be balanced with the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Index in the mind of the body politic.

I wanted a way of expressing how people feel. Over the long haul, I find people’s personal assessments to be quite sound – and a refreshing alternative to government and think tank statistics that often reflect the biases of those who fund the research or the campaigns of those who fund the research – often times financial institutions. I also wanted a mechanism that would facilitate honest conversations between different generations, sexes and races.  I wanted a mechanism that would help members of a community take collaborative action to move our well being towards optimal and to generate the highest emotional intelligence doing so. That is not the same as a statistically verifiable quantification of what outside experts calculate.

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