Tax & Spend – The Next Deep State Harvest with Amy Benjamin

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“It’s NOT a draft bill—it’s 11 pages of a Google doc with shocking surprises. It assigns a vast ‘wartime footing’ level amount of taxpayer money to private entities—VCs, the private Federal Reserve, ‘new banks’ and any ‘financial instrument’ the 15 members of the committee decide ‘appropriate.’ It creates a national SMART GRID—which is terrible for human health and great for telecoms and surveillance. It gives the 15 committee members the right to not hold any public hearings about the ‘green new deal,’ if they so choose. It creates loopholes that leave them free to not have normal term limits. It hands vast sums to air and ocean carbon capture, which is an experimental geoengineering tech for which silicon valley investors own IP. It states that the ‘green new deal’ will be released on a website and a publication—not on govtrack, where public transparency is assured (and where we at DailyClout get our API). It transfers ‘unlimited’ resources at the will of the 15 and their chosen partners in business, industry, etc. to groups defined by race, gender and rural-ness, thus violating the equal protections in our Constitution. It’s a shocking document.” ~ Dr. Naomi Wolf on the 1st draft of the Green New Deal

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the questions I am sometimes asked is “Why has hyperinflation not yet happened?” For decades, we have experienced monetary inflation offset with deflation engineered with a robust toolkit of tactics. I call the result the “slow burn.”

This tactical toolkit is both new and old. It includes massive labor deflation that comes with the digital revolution, automation, and globalization as well as the oldest trick in the book—war in all of its various forms.

Global leadership has blown multiple bubbles over the last two decades, while growing populations contribute pressure to “peak everything.” Now, leadership is floating proposals for massive increases in direct and indirect taxes and regulations, many justified by concern for the environment. This time, significant increases in central control are necessary to keep the rich flow of resources into the deep state going while also keeping a lid on inflation. These controls mean fundamental changes in governance systems, law, and resource allocation. With global debt ratios surpassing 100% of global GDP and the U.S. entering a debt growth spiral, the tactics of blowing financial bubbles and bailouts have run their course.

The specific proposals and political justifications for control vary from continent to continent, but it is clear we are facing a global effort to implement even greater central control of all aspects of our lives. Proposals are all justified by various measures of “doing good.” Just as the American deep state got a young, hip, African-American politician to market the giving and lending of more than $25 trillion to the banking industry and private investors, now the deep state gets a younger group of hip politicians to justify giving the banks almost everything else—including lots of real estate—under the pretext of saving the environment and ending injustice.

Do you worry about central control and injustice? You ain’t seen nothing yet. This effort depends on the maintenance of government and corporate secrecy. If the political debate continues with debaters unable to understand how current resource allocation and performance work, it is much easier to popularize “Trojan horses” to engineer central control and reduce or eliminate personal property rights and family wealth.

I asked attorney and legal scholar Amy Benjamin, author of The Many Faces of Secrecy, to join me to discuss the rush of new proposals for tax and spend. What is happening and why? Amy has masterfully explained and documented how secrecy can be engineered. Her research puts her in a position to see what is happening and to understand the many proposals currently being floated: both the bare suggestions and their secret but all too real purposes. I want to connect the dots to FASAB 56’s contribution to the secrecy necessary to make this new round of proposals go. There has been a complete failure of all politicians—both progressives and conservatives—to object to FASAB 56 and its erasure of financial disclosure in the U.S. bond and stock markets.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Bleeding Edge—a new documentary that underscores the importance of taking care when using medical devices.

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