Movie of the Week: April 29, 2024: Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba

I am gonna tell you a story. It’s a story I thought I knew. Turns out, it’s far more incredible than I ever imagined. It begins in one of the most remote places on Earth. There’s something in these mountains that I have a special connection to, and so do you. I’m talking about gold.” ~ Idris Elba

In our latest selection for Movie of the Week, Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba, English actor Idris Elba immerses himself in the world of gold. Sharing his encounters and insights, Elba uncovers the precious metal’s origins, significance, and many uses, and sheds light on the people, places, and history that have surrounded it.

The locations visited by Elba include his ancestral home of Ghana; the renowned Bank of England’s gold bullion vault in London; the deep mines of Val-d’Or (Valley of Gold) in Canada; and the South Deep Mine near Johannesburg, South Africa, where he learns about cutting-edge mining technology.

Catherine says, “Every state legislator and governor should watch this to see the Bank of England explaining that central banks need gold reserves. Then they will understand why every state needs to do the same.”

This is a light, easy watch on a topic that should resonate.




Idris Elba Reveals Gold’s Untold Stories

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