Special Solari Report: Financial Coup d’Etat: Missing Money for Beginners with Dr. Mark Skidmore

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The U.S. government has implemented accounting policies that shift its governmental model from a Constitutional republic to something else. A small invisible group of people (we can’t know who they are) can run the finances of the largest taxation and securities operation in the world by a secret process (we can’t know by what process) and keep their decisions and the financial realities and the financial facts of ownership and control secret.”
~ Catherine Austin Fitts, January 2019, Introduction to 2018 Annual Wrap Up

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For many years now, the Solari Report’s dedicated “Missing Money” website (missingmoney.solari.com) has sought to keep the public informed about the $21 trillion in “undocumentable adjustments”—in other words, money flowing out the back door—at the U.S. Departments of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) from 1998 through 2015. In early 2019, we compiled many of these materials in our landmark, two-volume 2018 Annual Wrap Up: The Real Game of Missing Money (hudmissingmoney.solari.com). Both websites are public.

Our goal has been to provide an overview of the missing money as an integral part of the ongoing financial coup d’état. Understanding the essentials of the missing money story can help explain the dynamics that are driving policy today and why it is important to ask the following two questions: Why do we have a debt-based currency, when the U.S. Treasury can simply issue a currency without debt? And why is the New York Fed (the most powerful member of the Federal Reserve system, including serving as banker for the U.S. government) allowed to effect unconstitutional transactions year after year?

As Solari completes a significant update of the missing money website, we decided it would be a good time to provide a fresh overview of the situation. No one is more qualified to discuss the facts and implications than Dr. Mark Skidmore, the economics professor who in 2017 went from “fact-checking” my statements about the trillions in missing money to becoming one of my most stalwart and courageous allies. For his methodical and trailblazing efforts, Dr. Skidmore was Solari’s 2017 Hero of the Year.

In this Special Report, Dr. Skidmore and I first provide some background on the federal financial system, including its key players (the U.S. Treasury, the private member/owners of the Federal Reserve banks, related institutions such as the Bank for International Settlements, and federal contractors), summarize the laws governing U.S. federal finances, and then discuss the policies and events that increasingly have allowed the federal finances to operate outside of the law. The sly implementation in 2018 of a policy (FASAB Statement 56) that allows the government to keep secret books, the carefully planned launch of the Going Direct Reset in the fall of 2019, and the brazen staging of a mass atrocity over the past three years are some of the milestone events central to our discussion. Join us as we revisit the growing financial lawlessness and explain why operating federal finances according to the law matters.

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