The Covid-19 Survey with Dr. Mark Skidmore

[S]he lost her baby.”
[O]ur daughter, her whole body shut down after 2nd shot. If her brother were not there she would not have survived.”
She had a stroke within days of #2 Moderna vaccine. She has to use a walker and has speech issues. She was in her 40s. She is a registered nurse.”
Cousin 47-stroke  Cousin 28-blood clots  Aunt 63-death  Friend 41-death”

~ Covid-19 Survey, Appendix 3 (Respondents’ comments regarding the health condition of “the person they know best” who experienced an adverse event from a Covid-19 injection)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Professor Mark Skidmore and I discuss the results of his important survey estimating injuries and deaths following Covid-19 injections in the U.S.

There is a wide range of opinion about the scale of injuries related to the Covid-19 injections. An unprecedented number of adverse events are being reported to official surveillance systems, but because these systems are known for their significant underreporting, it is difficult to know the true extent of injuries and fatalities. A well-designed survey of people’s beliefs and experiences can provide a useful estimate of what is actually happening on the ground.

The online survey, conducted in December 2021, included about 3,000 respondents representative of the general U.S. population, who described their own adverse-event-related experiences—and, equally importantly, the experiences of people in their social circles. Almost half of the respondents had received Covid shots themselves—with more than one in six experiencing health issues afterwards—and about one-fourth reported knowing others who had experienced significant post-injection health issues.

Dr. Skidmore notes that if one were to abide by the CDC’s count of “rare” injection-related fatalities (CDC acknowledges only nine Covid-vaccine-related deaths), then statistically, “in a survey of 3,000 people we should see ZERO (or close to zero) fatalities.” The survey provided a different picture, however. One in twelve respondents reported knowing someone who had died post-injection—a total of 55 fatalities—and the people described as likely vaccine-related deaths were, on average, 48 years old. Respondents also described numerous non-fatal but severe adverse events like heart-related issues, blood clotting, strokes, and paralysis.

Dr. Skidmore presented his survey results at the February 2022 Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium III, and they are also available in his working paper titled “How Many People Died from the Covid-19 Inoculations? An Estimate Based on a Survey of the United States Population” posted at Dr. Skidmore’s Lighthouse Economics website. The working paper’s Appendix 3 includes respondents’ verbatim descriptions of the adverse events witnessed in their social circles.

The central question raised by Dr. Skidmore’s survey is this: What if the survey results, rather than CDC numbers, reflect the true ratio for fatalities and serious injuries following Covid injections? This would yield an estimated 260,000 to 300,000 fatalities and 1.1 million potentially life-threatening or life-shortening serious injuries—estimates that must be taken seriously by anyone still debating the injections’ safety.

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