1st Quarter 2022 Wrap Up: Introduction – Does the BIS Owe Us $21 Trillion (or Owe You $65,000)?

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“The law? The law? I don’t have to obey the law. I report to a higher moral authority.”
~ Jack Kemp as Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) in 1990
explaining why it was not necessary for HUD to obey U.S. law

By Catherine Austin Fitts

After 21 years of watching $21+ trillion go missing from U.S. federal accounts at HUD and the Department of Defense (DOD), I am often asked, “Where did the money go and how do we get it back?”

While the government has documented the money missing from these two federal agencies through fiscal 2015—and thus the documented violations of the Constitution related to financial accounts and disclosure as well as financial management laws—it has not published accounts of where the money went, who has those resources, and how it was reinvested or spent. Consequently, it is perfectly natural for us to engage in high-octane speculation, starting with asking questions about who stole it, how they did it, and who has the missing money or related assets. Who is liable? If money was laundered in or through DOD accounts from foreign wars or the Afghanistan central bank, we have no way of knowing.

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