Blast from the Past: Week of November 27, 2023: Trillions Missing

“Trillions missing, where is it going, who has it…and what are they doing with it? Given the amount of money disappearing, we are funding a separate civilization.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Our focus this week is an insightful two-part interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and Richard Dolan in 2017, where they delved into the topics of the “Deep State and Budget Politics” during the Trump administration. Dolan is a renowned researcher, historian, and writer on the subject of UFOs. His books include the groundbreaking historical series, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, newly updated and expanded in 2023.

As an excerpt from Dolan’s website explains, Dolan has also extensively explored the topic of false flags:

“In addition to his UFO work, Richard wrote and hosted a series on the phenomenon of false flags for Gaia Television. This ten-episode series is groundbreaking as the first historical perspective of false flags through the ages, events in which governments or other agencies committed horrible and traumatic acts which were then blamed on other parties in order to justify and pursue certain objectives.”

Find the two-part Solari Report interviews here:

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