Blast from the Past: Week of May 1, 2023: False Flags with Richard Dolan

False Flags with Richard Dolan

Our Blast from the Past this week is a doozy—an excellent interview with Richard Dolan from 2015. Catherine and Richard discussed his work on “False Flags,” which also became a GAIA.TV 10-episode series providing a wealth of information on the topic.

We have added a video of a presentation on the topic that Richard Dolan gave in Australia in 2018.

Both the interview and Richard’s presentations on YouTube and Gaia are helpful education to sharpen our discernment. Too many of us are losing time and money caused by the distractions, false flag events, and fake news reporting that often successfully cover up important and noteworthy events in the real world.


False Flags Gaia-TV series

Solari Documentary of the Year 2017: Richard Dolan’s False Flags

Richard Dolan website

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