Blast from the Past: Week of October 2, 2023: What’s Up Underground? with Richard Dolan

What’s Up Underground? with Richard Dolan

Global cash flows can only be understood if we integrate both overt and covert realities. There is a lot more going on in the economy than people can see with the naked eye. To understand the economy, we have to grasp the extent of operations going on both in suborbital space and underground. In fact, the space-based economy relates a lot to what exists underground. What is their impact on GDP and economic modeling?

Several years ago, Catherine and a trusted collaborator who she calls her “Mycroft” (alluding to Mycroft Holmes, brother of Sherlock Holmes, who would help Sherlock solve the most difficult riddles) made a full list of every alleged underground base in the United States, looking at the coordinates and dimensions of each. The resulting estimate of the number of underground and undersea bases in the U.S. alone amounted to 170!

According to Richard Sauder, author of Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, there is a large clandestine network of underground and undersea bases, facilities, and tunnels, which involve many thousands of people and billions of dollars in building and maintaining vast structures. The technology to build them has existed for decades, much longer than most people think, and has produced a whole underground “world” that is run by members of our human civilization but possibly, as some researchers believe, also by “other” civilizations.

Our Blast from the Past is an absolutely fascinating interview with Richard Dolan from 2015 in which he presents a stunning overview of the massive reality that he and others have found exists underground.

This is your chance to catch up on what was discussed on the Solari Report a decade ago.


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