Money & Markets – Week of 09.24.17

How Private Equity Destroyed Toys “R” Us Daily Kos | 30 September 2018 ​ That Vatican Auditor Fired Last June just Talked.. a Little JP Farrell | 29 September 2017 Foxes Guarding the Hen House… Meet


Geopolitical – Week of 09.24.17

The Cost to US Taxpayers for Accepting Immigrants is $135 BILLION Per Year! Need to Know News | 30 September 2017 The Numbers are In… Middle East and Asia Geopolitics: Shift in Military Alliances? Global Research


Life – Week of 09.24.17

Southern Baptist Preacher Affirms Polyamory (Interview with Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood) Patheos | 26 September 2017 Love the One you’re With… An Animated Documentary Film Ex Libris | 25 September 2017 Hard Copy Face Book…


Wildcards – Week of 09.24.17

~What Happens In Vegas, Stays With The CIA?~ YouTube | 05 October 2017 Evidence and Multiple Shooters.. India S. Colon is Showing What’s Really Going on in P.R. YouTube | 04 October 2017 Katrina Replay..