Money & Markets – Week of 09.24.17

How Private Equity Destroyed Toys “R” Us
Daily Kos | 30 September 2018

That Vatican Auditor Fired Last June just Talked.. a Little JP Farrell | 29 September 2017
Foxes Guarding the Hen House…

Meet The World’s No.1 Bitcoin Derivatives Trader: “It’s Pure Unlicensed Capitalism”
Zero Hedge | 28 September 2017
Cryptos are Loose..

Puerto Rico Rejects Loan Offers, Accusing Hedge Funds of Trying to Profit off Hurricanes
The Intercept | 28 September 2017
Kick em When They’re Down…

South Korea bans all new cryptocurrency sales
CNBC | 28 September 2017
Pandora’s Box is Open…

Puerto Rico After Maria: Initial Thoughts on the Fiscal and Economic Implications
CFR | 27 September 2017
Interesting Timing…

Trump’s Tax Reform Bill
US Senate | 27 September 2017
The Senate Version..

Here Is The Leaked Trump Tax Plan
Market Conservative | 27 September 2017
Heads Up…

Nets welcomes $5.3 bln takeover bid by Hellman & Friedman
Reuters | 27 September 2017
More Consolidation…

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Who Oversaw Breach to Collect $90 Million
Fortune | 26 September 2017
The Rewards of Failure???

“This Is Not A Time To Buy Anything” – Sam Zell Warns Retail Real Estate Market Is A “Falling Knife”
Zero Hedge | 26 September 2017
Real Estate Bubble II is Upon Us…

China’s Crackdown Brings Developers Crashing Back to Earth
Bloomberg | 25 September 2017
China Clamps Down on Unchecked Borrowing….

“Bitcoin Jesus” Is Trying To Create A Sovereign “Libertarian Utopia”
Zero Hedge | 25 September 2017
Digital Dreams on an Analog Sea…

Deloitte says Hackers Accessed some of their Client Data
Market Watch | 25 September 2017
How Much is Some???

Canadian Pension Fund’s OMERS Ventures to Invest in Bitcoin 2.0
News BTC | 25 August 2015
Desperate for Returns…