Catherine’s Presentation on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies at Nexus

Solari Subscribers are receiving access to Catherine’s recent Powerpoint presentation on Cryptocurrencies.   Related Reading: Blockchain-Wiki Cryptocurrency-Wiki Bitcoin-Wiki The Ethereum Network Cambridge University: Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study Cryptocurrency Prices Princeton University: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies


Going Local

By Gary L. Heckman Over the years, I have listened to and read with interest the Solari Report and the wide variety of topics discussed and recommendations made to better our lives. I have tried


Money & Markets – Week of 09.17.17

This Country Has Set Aside Almost $200,000 for Each of Its 5 Million Citizens Time | 21 September 2017 Norway runs the Oil Co… 1 Million Ohio Public Employees Face Pension Cuts As Another Ponzi Teeters


Geopolitical – Week of 09.17.17

Pentagon makes a 20-year plan, while Washington outsources its color revolution “Alex Jones Breaks Down Globalist Plan…” Info Wars | 13 September 2017 Worthy of a listen… Pentagon makes a 20-year plan, while Washington outsources