Money & Markets – Week of 08.28.16

Putin Pushes for Oil Freeze Deal With OPEC, Exemption for Iran Bloomberg | 02 September 2016 Right decision for… Solar Dollars-a Private Currency with Multiple


Geopolitical – Week of 08.28.16

FBI Found Extensive Evidence Clinton Violated Federal Laws Daily Wire | 02 September 2016 Felony to intentionally… FBI Finds Up to 30 dDeleted Benghazi Emails

Food & Health

Food & Health – Week of 08.28.16

‘Safe’ Zika Pesticide Nukes Millions of Bees Jon Rappoport | 01 September 2016 Nrrve-agent weapons… Monsanto Whistleblower Receives $22mn Award Under US Federal Govt Program


Life – Week of 08.28.2016

Ugh: Donald Trump Is (Statistically) The World’s Most Famous Person Vocativ | 30 August 2016 Watch Mel Brooks Mourn Gene Wilder: ‘I’m Still Reeling’ Rollingstone


Wildcards – Week of 08.28.16

Obama To “Ratify” Climate Treaty By Himself Info Wars | 30 August 2016 Run on home safes as Germans… The Sheriff Who Sold His County