Life – Week of 08.28.2016

Ugh: Donald Trump Is (Statistically) The World’s Most Famous Person
Vocativ | 30 August 2016

Watch Mel Brooks Mourn Gene Wilder: ‘I’m Still Reeling’
Rollingstone | 31 August 2016

Mel Brooks Misses Being Able to Call Gene Wilder

Mel Brooks Misses Being Able to Call Gene Wilder

YouTube | 31 August 2016
‘Why are they always’…

A Turning Point for the Charter School Movement
Truth Out | 31 August 2016
Turning steadily against…

University of Chicago Triggers a Fresh Debate about Free Speech on Campus
Economist | 30 August 2016
Should be taken with a grain…

“I’m Triggered, I’m Triggered, I Need a Safe Space”
Jon Rappoport | 30 August 2016
Some students have even suggested…

The Russian Military also Includes Priests and Churches in Their Army – Everywhere the Soldiers Are – They Go There
The Saker | 27 August 2016
Inflatable church…

University of Chicago Leads Charge Against PC Thought Police
Breitbart | 27 August 2016
Expect members of our community…

Anti-Christian crackdown in Cuba: Over 1,000 Churches Seized, Christians Dragged Away from Homes, Churches
Christian Today | 25 August 2016
Alarmed by the escalation of…

Harvard’s Giant Bauhaus Archive Is Now Available Online
Vocativ | 25 August 2016
Legacy was its alums…

The Bauhaus, the 20th Century’s Most Influential School of Art and Design
Harvard Dart Museums | 04 September 2016
Search the collection…

Ballinger Theater Offers Food, Entertainment and Community
Charlotte Observer | 22 August 2016
So we show…

The Solari Report: What’s Up this Fall 2015
Solari | 21 September 2015
Re-posted from Fall 2015….