The Second Amendment and the 2024 Elections

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” ~ Sometimes attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

By Catherine Austin Fitts

There is a delicate balance of power in most counties in America. On one side are the drug gangs, various mafias—Russian, Eastern European, Italian, and so forth—and the Mexican drug cartels. On the other side are a well-armed citizenry. In the middle stands the county sheriff and his or her team, who balance their limited time between trying to protect the citizens, protect various property interests, and process bank foreclosures. These are complex relationships—particularly because the citizenry, too, often includes drug and organized crime customers and allies.

I once worked out with a young man who dealt drugs before he became a gym trainer. After many training sessions, I acquired a reasonable picture of how the money worked in the local illegal drug business. Essentially, if you had health insurance, you got pharmaceuticals for your pain medication. If you did not, then you went to the drug dealers. Illegal narcotics were simply the more economic source of painkillers for those who paid cash.

Whether funding with health insurance or cash, an astonishing number of my neighbors were managing pain.

Any time I have explored the economics of illegal retail trade in America, I have found that the dealers are on a fairly tight leash. The dealers do what Tony Soprano says. Tony does what James Bond says. The real estate developers, meanwhile, are in the mix to play the disaster capitalism, mortgage fraud, HUD subsidy, tax credit, and gentrification games. The Department of Justice and FBI provide enforcement. Follow the money up the chain and ultimately the bankers run the show. The business is transactions, and the bankers run the transaction train tracks. It’s like the Game of Thrones series—the Iron Bank is at the top. As one retired DEA agent told a reporter who I worked with, “Let’s face it, honey, the wires all batch and run through the New York Fed. They know where every penny is.”

Read Drug Wars by Dan Russell. There is a reason why the creation of the Fed, the IRS, and a serious illegal drug trade all track closely. Read Organized Crime and American Power: A History by Michael Woodiwiss. Or read my online book, Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits. This is an old game.

The Local Players

The drug gangs don’t just deal drugs. They are available for covert action as well. They will do home invasions to help gentrify a neighborhood. They will do physical harassment for someone the powers that be feel is out of line. When it comes to poisonings or arson, those usually call for a more upscale implementation—for example, a homebuilder or local business man.

For the occasional assassination, it is usually a teenager or young person who is set up to take the fall. Because the demand for a patsy continues to grow, if you are a young man or woman in America, it is essential to know how to duck that trap.

This is why the Second Amendment is such a powerful issue. The statistics are quite clear—guns do an excellent job of protecting honest citizens, and particularly women. One older study that I would recommend is Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America by Gary Kleck.

For more, I recommend the Solari Report I did with Harry Blazer on gun ownership.

While I was litigating with the U.S. government, I kept my guns at a neighbor’s house. Better to handle local crime without a gun than to be killed with my own weapons and have it declared a “suicide.” But when the litigation was over, my guns came home.

Sometime after the end of the litigation, I drove back late one night from Memphis with a car full of groceries. I had the back of the car open and was unloading the bags, one at a time. I came out to find what appeared to be a gang member noisily driving back and forth, canvassing my house. When he saw me, he first drove over to a local policeman’s house to assess the situation. As it happened, the local policeman’s house was dark—he was visiting his mother in another county—so the gang member felt emboldened to return to my house and start up the driveway.

These are the times in rural America that help you understand what it means for the sheriff to be 20 to 45 minutes away: it means that you have to take care of your own protection for at least that length of time. If you are lucky, you have neighbors you can count on to help. Often, though, there is no time to call for help from neighbors or the sheriff.

I was standing at the back of my car. It was three long strides up the porch steps into my living room. The door was open, and my semi-automatic was sitting on my desk fully loaded, right inside the door. In Tennessee, I would only shoot an intruder in the house if I believed my life was threatened, never on the property. So, the question was whether the fool driving up my long driveway would be foolish enough to try to break into the house.

It is very important in a situation like this to create a clear mental picture in which you visualize yourself coming out on top—which I did. By the time my uninvited late-night visitor had driven up my driveway, I was standing with confidence staring him down. I knew precisely what I was going to do in response to any of the actions he might take. I knew I was going to be fine.

Suddenly he stopped, and I could feel his fear. He was afraid, and his fear was strong. He slowly backed out of the driveway and drove away. Perhaps his instructions all along were just to harass me, but nevertheless, he was scared. And I know why—because I was not scared. On the contrary, I felt confidence.

I had a gun.

Guns and the Balance of Power

So, what is “gun control”? Gun control means that the honest people lose their guns, but the drug gangs, mafia, and cartels get to keep theirs. The day that happens is the day the balance of power comes to an end. With a phone call and a few clicks of Google Maps, Mr. Global’s ragtag army—already in place—is ready to run us out and burn us out. Mark my words: the invasion will accelerate in less than 24 hours.

That is why, despite so much effort and a tsunami of funding, the various gun control lobbies have not been able to achieve gun control—and why millions more Americans are acquiring guns.

Unfortunately, that is also why Mr. Global is sending in wave after wave of additional armies.

One such army engineers “false flags.” I will leave it to you to figure out how that works. Here is an excellent discussion I had with Richard Dolan, who is one of the best sources on the topic of false flags.

Richard was going to publish a major book on the topic but then canceled his writing when a variety of events—likely including the school shootings—made it too dangerous to do so.

Next, there are the armies of protesters who lobby for gun control. Some believe they are doing good, some are just well paid, and some (if not all) have ingested large amounts of propaganda and mind control. (See “Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children (and Everyone Else).”) Their financials are often secret, and their major donors, too, tend to be secret or difficult to identify. But, like an invading army, the protesters can be there within 24 hours after major events such as false flags.

Another one of Mr. Global’s armies are the media, who are organized to spin fake news based on the actions of well-financed protesters. There is also a sprinkling of dirty politicians on the take or with control files who make it nearly impossible for their colleagues to get their work done or maintain a coherent political process. I describe some of the media tactics in Part III of my Deep State Tactics 101 series.

Between the drug and mafia armies, the covert operations armies, the protest armies, and the media armies, you can appreciate that Mr. Global’s invading armies constitute the largest employment program in America—and what is quite astonishing is the extent to which the taxpayer is funding a lot of them. If the central bank should lose the ability to print money that has any value, there will be a lot of hungry armies let loose on the land.

A New Level of Intensity

The push for gun control is now rising to a new level of intensity. The riots that helped clear the way for the building out of the control grid during the last three years were just the beginning of a new push to reengineer land use and property. (See “Mapping Minneapolis Minnesota Riot Damage, Opportunity Zones, and Fed Banks (A Work in Progress).”) Another example are the plans for “15-minute cities” in the UK and Commonwealth countries. The best example, of course, is the latest announcement by Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who states that it is time to start invoking eminent domain to snatch land for renewable energy projects because of “climate change.” Here is a link to Dimon’s letter and a related summary by Martin Armstrong.

Here is the reality. The bankers are afraid to implement widespread acquisition of real estate by dirty tricks without the ability to strip people of their guns. In addition, they are anticipating problems mandating the next round of vaccinations. Too many people now associate the vaccinations with disability and death. A well-armed population is likely to reject more depopulation mandates as well as CBDCs and any efforts to end financial transaction freedom.

It is essential to understand the historical relationship between gun control and genocide. For reference, here is the Genocide Chart from the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).

And now we come to the 2024 election. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. just announced his candidacy for President, running on the Democratic ticket. At his launch, he was introduced by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I once agreed to help Congressman Kucinich run for Governor of Ohio; when he then came out strongly for gun control, I had to email him and explain that with one email, he had made it impossible for me to raise a dime.

Kennedy gave a brilliant speech—but uttered not one word in support of the Second Amendment. I don’t know how he is going to handle this issue. If he comes out strongly for the Second Amendment, he is likely to win a stampede of freedom-fighting voters from all sides of the political spectrum. If, however, he remains silent and also promotes climate change, millions of gun owners will hear, “I am a Trojan Horse come to help Jamie Dimon and the bankers steal your land.”

In the meantime, Kennedy’s personal security detail will continue to carry guns. The one time I traveled with Kennedy, they carried machine guns—some might call them assault rifles. Because as fearless and hard-working as he is, Kennedy needs guns to protect himself from Mr. Global’s covert armies—same as you, and same as me.

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