Special Solari Report: Technology and the COVID 19 Injection with David O’Hagan

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"To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being,
To truly know yourself, take real interest in the world."
~ Rudolf Steiner

By Catherine Austin Fitts

David O’Hagan has a deep connection with technology. He also likes to look at the bigger picture, to think about the role technology plays in our lives and how it impacts us as humans. Trained as a sound engineer he also studied Rudolph Steiner, which gives him a unique perspective on technology and its potential use. According to David, “we may very soon have to make a choice: either merging with the technology or saying “no” and creating an alternative”. The reality is that most people don’t have enough understanding of technology to even make that choice.

O’Hagan got my attention with the paper he wrote—COVID 19 Injection—as I was looking for precisely the same information he was presenting in his paper: what’s in the so-called vaccines and what they do.

Will the mRNA technology change our genes? Is Moderna installing an operating system in humans? That is how they describe their technology being injected into millions of people. One of many problems with nano technology is that it is invisible to the human eye. A “mark of the beast system” may not be obvious to the unsuspecting or mind-controlled observer without sophisticated scientific equipment.

If you want to understand the technology involved in the COVID 19 injection, as well as the bigger picture, i.e. what it means for the future of humanity, I recommend David’s papers listed below.

When my special whistle arrived from David’s Howard Music, it came with a note from David, “Love is spirit fire.”


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